20 January 2023

The Women and Work All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG), that Assystem sponsors, has launched its annual report, with a key finding being that woman across the UK would collectively earn £90 billion more every year if the Gender Pay Gap was closed.

As well as the effect of the Gender Pay Gap, the report examined a wide spectrum of factors that play a role in stunting progress for women in today’s economy, such as the effect of the menopause on a woman’s working life, the cost of childcare and the barriers for women entrepreneurs.

The APPG is co-chaired by Jess Phillips MP and Flick Drummond MP and the 2023 report is the culmination of twelve months of research work by the group, which has included group meetings with business leaders, academics and those representing charities and organisations who can provide an authentic insight into the issues facing women today.  

Assystem is committed to the mission of the APPG, and it links clearly to the vision of the company’s IncredibleWomen programme that is focused on raising awareness of STEM careers to women and girls and supporting the development and progression of women to senior roles in the business.   

Key recommendations in the report include: 

  • Making Gender & Ethnicity Pay Gap Reporting mandatory for all companies of 100 + employees and the implementation of follow-up action plans 
  • The Government should work with the private sector in increasing the number of apprenticeships offered and to tailor them to female students to increase the number of women in STEM
  • The Government should work with the Women’s Health Ambassador to ensure basic needs like HRTs to be granted and work across departments to introduce menopause as a protected characteristic
  • The Government should appoint an “Early Years” Cabinet Minister to address the childcare crisis and enable more women to return to work if they wish to do so

The full report and complete list of recommendations can be found here.

Jill Williams Assystem’s International Communications Manager said: “Assystem welcomes the recommendations in the report.  Now more than ever It is vital that change happens, in work culture and legislation, that will enable women to succeed in our economy. As a leading STEM employer in the energy transition sectors – Assystem is investing in creating the right conditions for women to have rewarding careers in today’s low-carbon economy.”  

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