8 March 2024

Assystem’s research aims to remove barriers preventing experienced women from re-starting careers.

Assystem is marking International Women’s Day by releasing insight gained from 200 women seeking to return to their STEM careers in the next 12 months.

The UK is in the midst of driving technical advancement and change in the energy sector and there is a significant need for experienced and technically qualified people to undertake key jobs throughout the energy and power sectors.

Assystem is striving for women to secure a big stake in this low-carbon revolution, that is also vitally needed to mitigate a further widening of the gender pay gap if senior and experienced women are not retained in today’s STEM workforce.

Key findings from Assystem’s research:

  • Over two-thirds (65%) of qualified women on a career break believe flexible working hours is critical when considering whether or not to apply for a role in the energy sector
  • One in three of these women (30%) feel as though their confidence needs boosting (e.g. through a work placement) before applying for jobs in STEM
  • One third (33%) of respondents cited having children as a reason for going on a career break, and one in five (21%) respondents cited needing a mental health break.

Since 2010 Assystem’s Incrediblewomen initiative, that is part of its wider Switch & Act for Inclusion agenda has delivered a focused programme of activity to increase the number of women working in the company and to support women’s progression into senior roles.

The % of women in Assystem UK has risen from 25% in 2020 to 32% today due its investments in mentoring, coaching, dedicated training, and awareness campaigns. The company is committed to taking a structured approach to improving gender diversity and making lasting changes that will move the dial on improving the % of women in its sectors of operation, that are still predominantly male.

Assystem is also a sponsor of the Women in Work All Party Parliamentary Group that meets regularly to address key topics affecting women in the UK economy. The APPG release an annual report advising the UK Government on policy recommendations to improve the working life of women in the UK. Find out more about its work here.

The simple fact is the UK economy needs more women to return to their STEM careers. Diverse and inclusive work cultures are strongly linked to innovation and excellence, and this is a standard we need to reach to build multiple new nuclear technologies on UK soil in the next 15 years. It’s our job as employers to show women returning to their careers that things have changed. Assystem is listening closely to women, and we plan to increase our efforts to attract them to Assystem so that they can enjoy high-value careers in a flexible, interesting, and fun environment at the heart of the UKs low-carbon economy.
Vicky Proctor Assystem’s Chief People Officer in the UK

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