Industrial control systems


Industrial Information Systems are changing dramatically with the digitalisation of industry. While this trend provides better connectivity and new and improved functions for operation and maintenance activities, it also increases the risk of cybersecurity threats. Industrial control systems must therefore address increasing security, flexibility, sustainability, profitability, and integrity requirements.

Assystem’s teams provide support from the initial definition of system specifications through to maintenance in operational condition (MCO) across design, integration, validation, commissioning, and maintenance stages.

Specification and development

We support our customers in the specification and management of audits as well as the implementation of industrial control and overall safety systems.

​We offer turnkey solutions in Operator Engineer and Architect Engineer modes:

Porgrammable industrial controller
Safe control command
Digital control system
Industrial supervision / hypervision - IHM
Centralised technical management
Building operating system

Verification and validation (V&V)

Our teams offer a comprehensive approach to Verification and Validation (V&V) to guarantee compliance with regulatory, standard, technical and functional requirements.

To enhance the performance of our customers’ projects, we digitalise the processes of illustrating compliance: Digital V&V, requirements management, configuration management, etc.

Maintenance, Repair and operation

We provide expertise in MCO (Maintenance in Operational Condition) and MSC (Maintenance in Security Condition) to preserve the sustainability of performance and the integrity of industrial control systems over time (operating and maintenance phases).

Maintenance in operational condition (MOC)
Third-party application maintenance (TMA)
Maintenance in security condition (MSC)​
Maintenance repair and operation (MRO)

Our dual position meets strategic industrial challenges

Assystem’s dual position as engineer and integrator enables the full control of specifications, design, development, and maintenance of industrial information systems.

Architectures proposed for systems and their data leverage digital tools (Factory 4.0) to provide solutions which guarantee integrity and cybersecurity.

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