Assystem 2021 risk management report

Assystem publishes its Nuclear Risk Management report every year.

About the report

The development of a nuclear safety culture is the backbone of Assystem. Through the Nuclear Risk Management Report 2021, discover Assystem’s nuclear activities and their strong link with nuclear safety. 

Find out about our commitments, our results and our prospects for improvement in the fields of nuclear safety and radiation protection for 2022.

This report is addressed to Assystem’s partners and customers as well as to all the group’s employees, all of whom are committed to the development of nuclear energy projects throughout the world.

Key figures

  • 56
    years of experience in the
    nuclear industry
  • 4,000
    nuclear experts
    (including 170 safety specialists)
  • 0
    INES classified events in 2021

Report summary

Assystem’s nuclear activities

Assystem is committed to the energy transition that is accompanied by nuclear, low-carbon energy. The company has long-standing expertise in all areas of nuclear engineering and at all stages of project development. More than 70% of its nuclear activity is carried out in France and the rest abroad.

The group’s management places the development of a nuclear safety culture at the forefront of its concerns.

Nuclear risk management

The year 2021 has been rich in lessons learned on nuclear risks for Assystem. Numerous projects benefited from significant advances in the field of safety, whether in site studies, design or support for the construction or modification of facilities, right through to their dismantling.

These services have enabled operators to complete the regulatory steps necessary to advance their projects. However, a few events, non-compliances or deviations marked 2021 and gave rise to significant feedback. They are the subject of careful follow-up and are discussed in this report.

Progress expected in the coming years

Building the “nuclear attitude"

The progress to be made must be sought on a daily basis with all teams, both operational and support functions, with our customers as well as with our partners and subcontractors.

Radiation protection

As far as employee radiation protection is concerned, 2022 will be a year of consolidation. Other areas for improvement are described in the report.

Nuclear Quality

In the area of Nuclear Quality, the transformations initiated by Assystem in 2021 will continue in 2022, in particular by extending the scope of the ISO 19443 standard to all nuclear activities and not just to new construction activities in France.

The rigour and attention devoted to nuclear quality and safety means that once compliance with standards has been achieved, events can be treated with uncompromising benevolence.

This is essential to the development of a nuclear safety culture that is understood and shared by all.
Jean François Bossu Director of Nuclear Risk Management

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