Functional safety for ITER project instrumentation and control systems

Safety Nuclear France

Context and challenges

ITER is a research program launched in 1985, in which 35 countries participate, in 7 international agencies. This project aims to prove the scientific and technological feasibility of nuclear fusion and pave the way to its commercial and industrial exploitation. It will represent the largest experimental fusion installation in the world.

The operation and control of this Tokomak, experimental machine developed to prove the feasibility of fusion energy, currently being built at Cadarache in the Bouches-du-Rhône region, is based on 3 instrumentation and control systems:

- CODAC (Control, Data Access & Communication): operation of the Tokamak
- Safety: people and environment protection
- Interlock: investment protection

In this context, the client appointed Assystem for project management assistance for the conception of instrumentation and control systems in charge of people and environment protection (Nuclear Safety & Occupational Safety Systems – PBS48) and investment protection (Interlock System – PBS46) on the ITER project.


  • Requirements definition for the conception of central systems Interlock (CIS) and Occupational Safety (CSS), including technical studies, taking into account the constraints and requirements of the project and the integration of necessary functions specified by ITER
  • Participation in the conceptual and preliminary definition of Interlock and Safety central systems and to functional security management following IEC 61508 - 61511 – 61513 standards
  • Participation of architectures, networks and infrastructures definition, taking into account the nuclear requirements and standards
  • Follow-up of physical interfaces with ITER tools (data bases, 2D and 3D tools…)
  • Follow-up of technical suppliers in charge of Interlock prototypes design
  • Participation of supplier documentation follow-up, in charge of the development of safety systems

QualiSIL INERIS certification (functional security IEC 61511) of some Assystem experts, enabling to bring additional added value to this project


  • Reduction of security risks linked to the facility operation
  • Simplification of the connection between systems

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