Assistance in Ultimate Diesel Generators test monitoring for nuclear power plants

Project management Nuclear France

Context and challenges

Following the Fukushima accident, the French Nuclear Safety Authority issued technical regulations, one of which requires the entire nuclear fleet to be equipped with an "ultimate" emergency power source. This client, a leader in the nuclear industry, installs an Ultimate Diesel Generator (UDG) on all its reactors, except one which is shutting down. The latter are installed in "bunkered" buildings designed to resist the ultimate risks.

Each generator set will be assigned to a single production unit and will be in addition to the five existing electrical sources. Used in extreme situations, these generators will have an autonomy of 72 hours and will also make it possible to further secure the cold source for cooling the reactors. They are designed to withstand possible disasters (earthquakes, floods, tornadoes), which are much more important than those taken into account in the design of installations and during safety reassessments.

This client has entrusted Assystem with the monitoring and assistance in monitoring the tests of all the 56 UDG.

Project scope

  • Analysis of Procedures for Performing Tests (PPT)
  • Drafting of Monitoring Programs
  • Assistance in the surveillance of assembly work (prioritisation of end-of-assembly activities with a "test" vision)
  • Test monitoring
  • Analysis of Oversight Sheets for assembly and testing
  • Assistance to the client Supervisory Officers for endurance tests
  • Management of the daily watch book
  • On-site risk assessment
  • On-site monitoring of the application of Risk Analysis (RA) countermeasures
  • Management of fuel logistics activities related to the tests.
  • Implementation of an optimal organisation on all UDG projects: site managers functionally supervising Assystem experts, validate the mobilisation plan on their UDG in line with the project manager and the common client teams. Together with client teams, Assystem organises progress reviews, identifies Health and Safety constraints, signs the special safety and health protection plan and manages safety issues of workers.

Client benefits

  • Optimised project coordination: a project manager in charge of managing the service (56 UDG), coordinating local test supervisors by UDG or plant, monitoring the client master schedule, managing the national load plan, monitoring risks, and ensuring that costs, quality and schedule objectives are met.
  • Contribution at the methodological level, thanks to Assystem team of commissioning experts, allowing a better follow-up of actions and optimisation of deadlines.
  • Technical expertise to support local test supervisors (drafting of the surveillance programme, analysis of Procedures for Performing Tests, etc.), allowing better risk anticipation and the integration of good practices.

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