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Today's infrastructures are increasingly complex, and their construction requires a degree of collaboration between a growing number of participants: designers, equipment suppliers, regulators, inspection bodies etc. Sharing reliable information between all stakeholders in real time has become a central focus and a necessity for industrial operators and project owners who must meet increasingly tight construction deadlines.

Today, the digital technologies available can deliver solutions that share information efficiently, based on the transition from document management to data management, thus providing a global overview of a project.   

These technological developments require changes in methods, which consists of moving from a sequential project management structure to a system engineering approach. Today, such practices are developing in the field of infrastructures, and rely on platforms such as BIM and PLM.

BIM and PLM can improve the quality of infrastructure design, as early as the preliminary phases, by enabling better integration between disciplines (civil engineering, process, I&C, etc.). In the construction phase, they also enable builders to avoid additional work through access to reliable data already validated by the design office. Lastly, data management ensures the sustainability of infrastructures throughout their operation (facility management).

Architecture des données plateforme

Our approach

Assystem supports customers in implementing new project management methods linked to system engineering and in integrating suitable solutions (BIM, PLM, data architectures and open platforms), which can integrate legacy tools and solutions. Our aim is therefore to improve performance and collaboration, while ensuring that all players receive support in the use of these innovative solutions.

The data used come from different sources: 3D models, databases, industrial information systems, connected objects etc. Assystem integrates these data sources, which are more often than not managed via separate tools. This provides project stakeholders with simple, rapid and reliable access to information of interest to them.

Through multiple partnerships with start-ups, Assystem also assists its customers to deploy leading-edge digital engineering technologies such as augmented reality, predictive maintenance, big data analysis or complex simulation techniques.

Our assets

Extensive skills in tools

PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), BIM (Building Information Modelling), project planning and management tools, data analysis and processing tools

batiments et infrastructures BIM

Multidisciplinary expertise

Especially in the construction of infrastructures: mechanical, electrical, instrumentation & control, information systems, civil engineering etc.

industrial sites


Multiple strategic partnerships with start-ups in the data science field

Complex project management

Management of complex projects with stringent safety requirements and regulatory restrictions

nuclear engineering

Our solutions


Change management through deployment of system engineering methods


Integration of data architectures and deployment of platforms


Architecture and deployment of Asset Information Hubs platforms


Data model definitions

Our projects

Plateforme de données
Industrial data science Nuclear

Deployment of a data platform for a nuclear engineering centre

Analyse des donnees operationnelles
Industrial data science Nuclear

Master data management and operational analysis

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