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Assystem assists manufacturers to improve their operations and the performance of their projects by offering digital services and solutions.

Throughout their lifecycle, complex infrastructures generate a large amount of data, which industrialists in the nuclear, defence, transport or life sciences sectors have to structure and manage. These players are increasingly implementing systems engineering and data science approaches to deal with this. Project management solutions, based on digital technologies, are also necessary to mitigate the risks, particularly in terms of planning and costs. Finally, in the field, mobility solutions based on digital engineering and data science enable operators to improve quality and productivity.

Digital system engineering

The construction of complex infrastructures requires the implementation of a large number of systems and sub-systems, equipment with numerous interfaces and requires the involvement of all trades (civil engineering, IT, control/command, electricity, mechanics, etc.).

From the initial design phases of an infrastructure, we recommend implementing System Engineering methods and tools to help make the right decisions as early as possible and limit the risks during the construction phase.

Assystem also offers operators reverse engineering processes and tools to build models (from the existing) to assess the impact of modifications and optimise operation and maintenance. Finally, Assystem offers concrete and pragmatic operational management of the project by ensuring consistency between the System Engineering processes and the implementation of tools such as PLM / ALM, BIM , XD modelling, in line with the System Engineering processes.

Digital system engineering

Project delivery solutions

Developing skills in project portfolio management or project management is crucial for manufacturers in the nuclear sector, transport and more widely for those who manage complex infrastructures or programmes. These companies need to gain maturity over the entire life cycle of installations and implement accurate business planning by modelling complex interfaces. Managing project performance requires taking into account constraints, risks, costs, contracts and associating them with planning data. Assystem offers PMIS / PPM project management solutions, from consulting to the integration of project management software including diagnosis, technical assistance, POA (project owner assistance), architecture, configuration, testing, deployment, change management, training.

Moreover, managing complex industrial infrastructures from construction to dismantling, including maintenance and operation, requires precise planning of works and activities, while managing co-activity. Assystem's offer in terms of complex planning optimisation comes in two forms:

  • An Optimizio scheduling optimisation solution based on tools using the most recent AI technologies developed by Assystem.
  • An offer to support the deployment of simulation and optimisation tools for existing schedules.
Project management

Field services solutions

Supporting Factory 4.0 means putting the digitalization of industrial processes at the very core. Industrial and urban infrastructures are facing many challenges such as increasing productivity by adopting "smarter" working methods, increasing efficiency throughout the life cycle of installations (from design to commissioning, operation and dismantling) while taking into account issues of co-activity, safety and security.

Digital solutions make it possible to meet these challenges by relying on data science and digital engineering to provide smarter technologies that are easier to use and maintain while ensuring continuity of service.

Assystem provides its Field studio solution, to simplify the mobility and dematerialisation of business processes on industrial sites for their commissioning, inventories and site supervision. We also design applications specific to your needs and those of your operators to support you in all your field operations and the dematerialisation of your processes in complete mobility.

Some examples of use: site inspections and safety talks, management of test campaigns, dematerialisation of procedures, management of work permits and authorisations, monitoring of assets throughout their life cycle, management of consignments, etc.

Field services solutions

Industrial data science

Complex infrastructures, particularly in nuclear, transport and life sciences, contain a massive amount of heterogeneous data that is constantly generated throughout its life cycle. The technical, regulatory and economic contexts are also increasingly complex, while the technologies for analysing the data are increasingly accessible (IT, open-source technologies, etc.). Manufacturers also wish to model and predict more accurately the uncertainties and changes within their projects and production processes.

Assystem offers solutions using data science to explore, centralise and analyse raw data in order to transform it into relevant information and knowledge, and to move from a document-centric to a data-centric approach.

Assystem offers several digital services and solutions:

  • Predictive maintenance to give the state of deterioration of an industrial asset in order to anticipate failures and breakdowns based on facts and methodical monitoring of equipment
  • Global Data Inquirer solution (Semantic Search Engine) for automated and intelligent document search with structured business description and data analysis
  • DeepRext solution for automatic requirements extraction, classification and analysis
  • Optimizio solution to optimise complex planning
Industrial data science

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