10 February 2023

The 1st edition of Assystem’s Tech Day was held on January 10th at the EDF site of Montrouge. This event, organised in partnership with Oracle Construction and Engineering, allowed a demonstration of the digital solutions and methods that can be implemented as levers of industrial performance to 100 participants.

Gautier Cossart, Deputy Director of Project Performance EDF DSPTN, supported the initiative behind this event by highlighting "the opportunity for the teams (EDF and EDVANCE) to see Assystem's know-how and to be inspired by this mature work" in the context of the digital transformation currently underway and EDF's future projects.

Following an introductory plenary session and presentations on the challenges facing the industrial sector, participants took part in four themed workshops to explore 10 technical demonstrations:

Workshop 1: Accelerating decision making

  • Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) methodology: a design and planning method to improve the performance of a construction project
  • Oracle Primavera Unifier: a set of management and governance tools for all phases of a project

Workshop 2: Physical progress measurement and dematerialisation of on-site operations

  • 3DX / Primavera P6 interconnection allowing the integration of dematerialised documents on site, automatic upload and calculation on the basis of data validated in the PLM
  • SiteEXP: Assystem's digital solution for simplifying mobility and dematerialising business forms on industrial sites.

Workshop 3: 2D and 3D technologies for site monitoring

  • Holoreka: tool to help control and maintenance in augmented reality
  • SecuREview: collaborative tool for CAD (computer-aided design) project reviews
  • "Like Waze, but for nuclear": application for locating and assisting travel on site developed within the ConnexITy project.

Workshop 4: Automation and data enhancement

  • DeepREXT: Assystem's intelligent digital engineering solution that automatically extracts, classifies and rationalises requirements from a document database
  • DeepFinder: Assystem's solution for searching and retrieving information from all types of structured and unstructured documents
  • Optimizio*: Assystem's solution for optimising and increasing the reliability of complex schedules.

This meeting with the teams of EDF and EDVANCE allowed an exchange of good practice and reflections on progress of the digitalisation of the digital building site and for new nuclear power projects.

* Optimizio is an Assystem solution

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