18 September 2023

Imagine the Switch: Students Supercharge Project Delivery

In an era where the world is grappling with the immense challenge of climate change, the need for rapid transition to low-carbon energy sources has never been more pressing.  Assystem stands at the forefront of this critical shift through its role in delivering a wide spectrum of projects from expansive nuclear power to wind, solar, and hydrogen facilities. 

There is a clear need to escalate these vital projects, and this is why, as part of its commitment to skills development Assystem is setting a fun challenge that will bring the next generation of project experts right to the centre of today’s project dilemmas! 

Igniting innovation through competition

The climate emergency requires an acceleration in energy transition programmes, and with ever-increasing performance challenges (costs and commissioning times), engineering, digital and project management services lie at the heart of project performance issues, with the need to carry out more projects using limited resources.

Assystem’s “Imagine the Switch” programme, is intended to provide innovative and competitive solutions that will bring efficiencies to today’s vital projects.  A key element of this programme is skills development and talent management, and this competition seeks students who feel passionate about using their knowledge as project managers to positively impact the world around them. 

The challenge: Unleashing the potential of data

In an era characterised by the proliferation of diverse project data, Assystem is challenging students to envision ways in which this data can be harnessed to supercharge projects. The competition calls for innovative solutions that can unlock the latent value of project data. Participants are tasked with addressing key questions to formulate their proposals:

  • What are the inherent benefits of your proposal?
  • How will your proposal amplify project data and its outputs?
  • In what ways will your proposal bolster efficiency while adhering to safety and security standards?

How to participate

Applications are closed for now. The competition was open to undergraduates studying in a UK University, participating individually or in teams of up to four members. To get involved they had to submit a concise application outlining their proposal by October 20th. Shortlisted finalists will be notified by October 25th and invited to deliver a presentation at the Project Control Expo on November 8th.

Rewarding success

Competition finalists will be granted tickets to attend the industry-leading Project Controls Expo on November 8th, and the winning team will receive a £2,000 cash prize and work placement opportunities for each team member with the company, scheduled for 2024.

Kevin Corcoran, Assystem’s Senior Business Unit Direct for Project Management and Consulting in the UK said: “Innovation is a key aspect of the energy transition – one that Assystem champions. Participants in our competition have the chance to make a tangible impact on the trajectory of low-carbon initiatives. We look forward to seeing a range of brilliant ideas over the coming weeks.”


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