20 April 2023

Achieving commercial fusion will mark a breakthrough for humanity in unlocking a technology that could provide a low carbon, abundant and secure power source for the world.

Today, the UK is a leader in the development of commercial fusion, as public and private investment in fusion technology is combining to increase the number of companies, technical experts, and investment in the sector.

Alongside this, a burgeoning supply chain is developing in the UK and new opportunities are emerging for students, young graduates, investors, and companies involved in STEM R&D.

Webinar on the UK’s fusion sector

On Tuesday 23 May 2023, Assystem convened experts from across the fusion sector – government, developers, supply chain and industry, academia and energy sector professionals – to explore the next steps for UK fusion energy in an exclusive webinar.

Hear incisive insights about the state of play in UK fusion and next steps for this burgeoning sector to grow further.

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09:30 - Welcome
Simon Barber, UK Managing Director Assystem

09:40 - Keynote
Andrew Bowie, Minister for Nuclear and Networks, Department for Energy Security and Net Zero

09:55 - Panel 1: ‘Where next for UK fusion?’ – What are the challenges and opportunities facing the UK fusion sector today?
Moderator: Dr Michael Zdanowski, Fusion Industry Taskforce (FIT)
Dr Adam Baker, Department for Energy Security and Net Zero
Dr Tim Bestwick, UKAEA
James Partington, Institution of Mechanical Engineers
Dr Melanie Windridge, Fusion Energy Insights

10:55 - Panel 2: Skills and innovation, talent pipeline, investment and financing, R&D, international collaboration, security and other challenges
Moderator: Dr Michael Zdanowski, FIT
Bethany Jim, Assystem
Dr Aneeqa Khan, University of Manchester
Dr Alasdair Morrison, Oxford Sigma
Andy Wilson, Kyoto Fusioneering

11:55 - Closing remarks
Simon Barber, UK Managing Director Assystem

12:00 - Event closes

Key audiences for this event:

  • UK fusion sector and energy industry professionals
  • Students, engineers and technicians interested in opportunities to work in the UK fusion industry
  • Potential investors in fusion
  • Academic institutions
  • Those keen to build/ maintain awareness on developments in the UK fusion industry

Fusion in the UK

The UK is a leading location for fusion energy’s development, enabled by research facilities at UKAEA’s site in Culham, which hosted the Joint European Torus (JET), the focal point of the European fusion research programme until recently. Plans are underway for UKAEA’s STEP (Spherical Tokamak for Energy Production) project to demonstrate the ability to generate net electricity from fusion. It will be sited in Nottinghamshire.

About Assystem

Assystem is a leader in the development of fusion energy technology and has contributed millions of expert hours to key projects including ITER in France, and the UKAEA's STEP initiative in the UK through its leading-edge engineering, digital and project management services.

Assystem is a major contributor to Thought Leadership and cross-stakeholder dialogue in fusion and in 2021 commissioned a Report titled Fusion Energy: A global effort – a UK opportunity produced by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers in 2021. The company has also supported the Nuclear Industry Association’s Fusion Energy Group, chaired by Assystem’s UK Chief Sales Officer Matt Gallimore.

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