8 December 2023

Stéphane Aubarbier, Deputy CEO of Assystem has signed up to the World Nuclear Association pledge that was launched at COP28. 

Assystem has committed to supporting global efforts to triple nuclear capacity by 2050 by signing up to the World Nuclear Association’s Net Zero Nuclear pledge at COP28. The pledge further amplifies the support for nuclear power at COP28 following the commitment that many national governments have demonstrated by signing a Nuclear Ministerial Declaration during the multi-day international climate change event.

More than 1TWe of global nuclear capacity

The IAEA is currently expecting global nuclear capacity to grow by at least a quarter by 2050, with high case scenarios suggesting it could double in scale compared to the current operational capacity of over 370GWe in 31 countries worldwide. Trebling that figure will require significant efforts by both governments and the private sector to address challenges such as investment and financing, skills shortages, and access to uranium.

Assystem’s global role

Assystem has been supporting several nations, such as Egypt and Türkiye and Saudi Arabia to build their first nuclear power plants, while playing an active role in countries with established programmes, such as France and the United Kingdom, to continue their nuclear energy journeys, as part of efforts to develop stable low-carbon electricity sources to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions within their respective economies.

We are delighted to declare our commitment to achieving a trebling of nuclear energy capacity globally at COP28. Assystem is a key player in several nuclear energy programmes around the world and will continue to build its capability to support the deployment of nuclear technologies to deliver the global low-carbon energy transition.
Guillaume Puravet Vice President – International Energy New Build

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