Assystem Supports APPG’s 2023 Research on Each Decade of a Woman’s Life

7 July 2023

In 2023 the Women and Work APPG programme will focus on each decade of a woman’s working life, to understand the issues that are facing women and how these link to women’s experience in UK workplaces today. 

Assystem sponsorship

As a sponsor, Assystem will actively support the APPGs monthly sessions that, through expert speakers and discussion, aim to un-pick the root of problems faced by women, that can be linked to wider societal or personal issues that emerge at differing stages of a woman’s life. 

What will the outcome be of the APPG’s research?

The insight gained from the APPG’s meetings will inform a report that will be used to make recommendations to UK Government in early 2024. You can view the 2023 report here.

What topics will the APPG discuss?

In six sessions the APPG will move through six decades and gather evidence regarding topics such as misogynistic and sexist attitudes in schools, career progression in male dominated industries, childcare, reproductive health, the perimenopause, ageism, the gender pension gap and childcare responsibilities in later life.

Switch & Act for People

Jill Williams, International Communications and Marketing Manager, Assystem said: “We are really excited by the APPGs focus in 2023, because it will take a holistic approach to a woman’s experience in today’s economy, looking at that journey right from the beginning, and acknowledging that the barriers women face in the economy are often established many years before.

For Assystem the findings of the APPGs research will help inform our HR approaches and build on the work we are already doing as part of Swich & Act for People corporate commitment that invests in recruiting, retaining, and evolving more women in our business and closing our gender pay gap.

Assystem sponsors the Women and Work APPG as part of its Switch to ImpAct programme

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