11 January 2023

Switch On, Assystem's brand identity revealed last September, reflects the company's commitment to accelerate the global energy transition. It was only natural then, that Assystem's Switchers participated in a month-long campaign dedicated to the energy transition activities.

Energy Transition Month is part of Assystem's new CSR policy called Switch to ImpAct, sitting within the Switch & Act for Climate pillar which aims at accelerating the energy transition across the world as well as raising awareness of the challenges of climate change and the ways in which Assystem’s projects are helping to combat them.

During this first energy transition month was delivered a packed calendar of events, activities and content, including:

  • A collaborative lunch & learn workshop to understand everything about Assystem's role in the energy transition,
  • A livechat to introduce ‘Switchers for Climate’, Assystem's internal think tank, so staff could meet the team, understand their activities, and learn how to join them,
  • Assystem's first "Energy Transition World Tour”, a virtual trip around the world, exploring Assystem's energy transition projects with the help of international experts,
  • The delivery of Climate Fresk workshops, collaborative experiences which helped Assystem’s Switchers to understand the main climate issues and how to take action,
  • A communication campaign on energy sobriety, which outlined Assystem’s own energy sobriety plan, advised staff on how to save energy, saw the creation of a customised comic-strip on a number of eco-actions to adopt,
  • And a daily December countdown which delivered challenges, tips, and resources related to the energy transition on the Assystem’s internal social network.

The international community of Switchers enjoyed the playful approach to encourage conversations around climate change and help them to reflect on the solutions that they’re all supporting around the world.

So, if you too have the spirit of a Switcher and want to join a community committed to the fight against climate change, contact us!

We look forward to meeting you.

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