13 October 2021

As part of Assystem’s efforts to support the global energy transition, it has commissioned the Institution of Mechanical Engineers to produce a comprehensive new analysis of fusion’s potential as a source of abundant low carbon power. 

Fusion Energy: A global effort – a UK opportunity examines the current state and future prospects of fusion energy, including:     

  • The potential role of fusion in future energy systems
  • The steps that need to be taken to turn fusion reactors from scientific experiments to commercial power plants
  • The cost drivers of fusion energy and the potential for cost reduction
  • The financing options for different investment stages between fusion R&D and a commercial power plant
  • The current capacity of the UK to support a fusion industry and the options for expansion
  • The possible barriers to fusion energy and opportunities for the UK to lead on commercial deployment

The report will be officially launched at an online event at 13:00 (BST) on Wednesday 20 October 2021.

 As a committed partner in the development of low-carbon technologies, Assystem has commissioned this report to highlight the current opportunity for progress in the commercialisation of fusion energy.  

Realising commercial fusion would help to meet global energy demand for low-carbon power, acting as a stable anchor in energy systems comprised of renewables.  Fusion can also be a source for hydrogen production and other new fuels/energy stores for industry and transportation. 

Assystem has been actively involved in international fusion energy projects since 2005, when it became Architect Engineer of ITER.  Now, as major experiments have successfully stimulated the establishment of a private fusion sector, Assystem is convinced that a future powered by fusion is within reach.  

Christian Jeanneau, Senior Vice-President – Nuclear, Assystem said:  “Fusion has the potential to provide abundant, low-carbon energy to the world. It will contribute to climate change mitigation, it will provide careers for our children and grandchildren, it will make electricity and heat more accessible, and of course it will be clean and sustainable.”

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