Samantha Hurst
Junior Waste Engineer
@Assystem in the UK

Although the goal of our Switchers is the same, their journeys are unique. Assystem believes this provides a range of perspectives that help us innovate and collaborate on some of the world’s most complex energy transition projects.

Samantha Hurst is a Junior Waste Engineer in the UK. She joined Assystem in 2023 as a graduate with a master’s degree in chemistry and experience as a nuclear technical specialist. Today, she’s taking her technical knowledge and developing new skills in project and people management in the development of Assystem’s UK waste and characterisation team.

What development opportunities have you had since joining Assystem?

I’m working as part of the AXIOM joint venture, a large collection of projects supporting major waste and decommissioning activities at Sellafield. My role sees me providing sustainability, waste management and characterisation support to complex, highly regulated projects.

As part of this role, I’ve got the ability to test my existing skills in new project areas, such as digital, as well as developing new skills in project and stakeholder management that will help me advance in my career.

I’ve been given the opportunity to project manage the development of Assystem’s waste management system. This also means working with Assystem’s UK digital excellence centre to commission a new digital waste management and decommissioning tool. Having only joined the business this year, it’s great that I’m being given an opportunity to make a lasting impact and raise my profile within the business.

What support are you receiving to help your development?

I feel like my role is unique; even though I’m still at an early stage of my career, I’ve been encouraged to identify challenges within our projects, come up with new solutions, and then take responsibility for executing them.

Along the way, I’m supported and advised by the managers and technical experts I work with, but I’m also trusted to lead technical projects and support the development of Assystem’s UK waste and characterisation team. Although I’m only in my first year with Assystem, I’ve had direct inputs into our team’s strategy by helping to refine the offers our team provides, structuring team processes and procedures.

I’m also working with the team to build in the values represented by Assystem’s leadership model. We all bring different skills to the table, but that means we all have a part to play in creating a team culture based on shared values.

Even though I’m still at an early stage of my career, I’ve been encouraged to identify challenges, come up with new solutions, and then take responsibility for executing them

As someone at the start of their career, what makes working at Assystem so special?

What stands out to me is that Assystem provides me with boundless opportunities, that have enhanced both my personal and professional development. From access to quality training and upskilling programmes, to wellbeing schemes, to the chance to attend conferences and events.

My managers are not just supervisors, they are mentors who actively encourage me to explore my career interests and help me to realise my passion for the work I do.

In three words, how would you describe Assystem?


My colleagues are an incredibly enthusiastic group who aren’t just dedicated to the delivery of quality work to clients, but also to supporting the energy transition. Our teams also have a great, collaborative ethic, which makes it easy to get the help and support you need to succeed in your role.


Those in the early stages of their career are given opportunities to take the lead and apply their knowledge to new ideas and business areas. You’re trusted and encouraged to bring new ideas to the table that will help the company develop its service offerings.


Assystem is a rapidly expanding organisation, dedicated to recruiting top talent and investing in current staff development. Assystem recognises the progression that is required in nuclear to support the energy transition and is developing its talent and growing its capabilities to support this.