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Our Vacancy

Radiography Co-ordinator

  • Nuclear
  • Permanent /
  • Bridgwater
  • 28/05/24
  • On site

Finding solutions to climate change is the priority of the 21st century and means switching to low-carbon energy. At Assystem, our mission is to accelerate the energy transition worldwide. To achieve this, our 7,500 Switchers combine their historical engineering expertise and project management with digital technologies.

In our 12 countries (Europe, Middle East, Asia) of operation, we are working on the production and distribution of low-carbon electricity, through the development of nuclear and renewable energies. We are also supporting the modernisation and development of energy grids, managing the setup and siting for new transmission and distribution networks, and using hydrogen to decarbonise the transport and industry sectors.

Drawing on more than 55 years’ experience in highly regulated sectors subject to strict security and safety requirements, we provide our customers with engineering and project management services, as well as digital services and solutions to optimize the performance of complex infrastructure projects throughout their life cycle. The Group is currently ranked second in the world for nuclear engineering.

To ensure a viable, efficient, and reliable energy future for all

Job Description

The Radiography Coordinator ensures the smooth running of the onsite functioning of the Radiography Support Team’s or third-party radiography resource and any other Radiography coordination resource. The requirements for radiography will be identified within the contractor’s workscope by Engineering standards both local and international. Contractors shall justify and agree the NDT technique and amount of on-site NDT, then request Radiography through the Radiography Coordinator.  The Radiography Coordinator will check the adequacy of planning and preparations and will de-clash the operation between Tier 1 Contractors considering the areas concerned, shift patterns and clearing of areas of personnel prior to radiography taking place in accordance with the HSE guidelines and Company Standards. They will ensure work is adequately planned, coordinated, prepared, and risks managed for the work to proceed safely, to time and quality by the Contractor.

The Radiography Coordinator will take an overview of radiography performance in delivering the Construction Plan for radiography across HPC site and have a broad understanding of all the radiography work being undertaken.  Ensuring potential clashes are avoided and optimising the strategy so that all radiography is delivered safely and with the required quality. The Radiography Coordinator will run coordination meetings and minutes and interface with other construction meetings, anticipating future risk and issues and be proactive in managing them. They will also need to play a pro-active role in the broader HPC Delivery team.

  • The Radiography Coordinator shall be responsible for the delivery of radiography coordination via the interfaces between radiography service providers and installation contractors in a timely manner, taking into consideration any time/safety constraints or other requirements prior to radiography taking place. They shall drive current and future performance, ensure an open learning environment leads to continuous improvement and delivery to safety, quality, time and cost constraints.
  • The Radiography Coordinator shall manage the storage of radiographic film after interpretation or until delivered to storage as lifetime quality records, as well as developing NNB’s strategy related to the digitisation of radiographs for key components.
  • The Radiographic Coordinator will be also champion non-radiological testing technologies as a means of ensuring ALARP in meeting nuclear safety requirements.
  • When new and innovative techniques are proposed, the Radiographic Coordinator will liaise with the Radiography Subject Matter Expert and NNB RPA body, to ensure that ALARP justifications have been produced by the contractors and approved by NNB prior to the specific work starting.
  • They must spend time on the construction site monitoring the safety of work activities and ensure work is delivered as planned, providing key input into Radiographers barrier plans. They must also be able to apply KPIs to monitor radiography performance issues, trends, and risks.

My profile

  • PCN or equivalent ISO 9712/ASME level 2 radiographer, current preferred but lapsed qualifications accepted.
  • Previously trained and appointed as Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS) minimum.
  • Experience working on large construction/refit projects with significant levels of radiography.
  • Good knowledge of other non-destructive testing techniques/standards, additional qualifications such as ultrasonic and/or surface inspection are an advantage.
  • Knowledge and experience in the nuclear sector.
  • Good knowledge of the IRR2017.
  • Experience of working closely, supporting a team to achieve excellent delivery.
  • Excellent communication skills with the ability to develop wide network and working relationships within EDF and the construction industry.
  • Results focus tempered with team centred approach, with excellent planning, organisation and anticipation skills.
  • Highly skilled in the analysis of technically demanding and detailed information and able to quickly identify the underlying issues and risks.
  • Strong capacity to be future focused in identifying risks and implications. Strong communication skills to be able to put across complex concepts and data in a way that is readily understood and actionable, using a variety of media.
  • Skilful in engaging others with technical issues and maintaining their interest and enthusiasm.
  • Skilful in distilling knowledge and building skills in others and the capacity to be pragmatic and practical in the way that technical issues are addressed.
  • Good knowledge of large organisational, process plant and site, operations with nuclear standards.
  • Good knowledge of the radiography industry including an understanding of the different technologies available on the market including their benefits and limitations.
  • Ability to strongly deliver and enthuse others to deliver in line with written standards.
  • Excellent knowledge of national and international HSE standards.
  • Excellent knowledge of CDM Regulations 2015/ IRR2017 and Nuclear Site Licence requirements.
  • Proven track record of achieving excellent safety results on major engineering and construction projects.

We are committed to equal treatment of candidates and promote, as well as foster all forms of diversity within our company. We believe that bringing together people with different backgrounds and perspectives is essential for creating innovative and impactful solutions. Skills, talent, and our people’s ability to dare are the only things that matter !. Bring your unique contributions and help us shape the future.

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