The UK government has made a pledge to reach carbon neutrality by 2050 and, as such, is pushing ahead with significant investment in nuclear and renewable energies.

Assystem, as a leading provider of project management, design & construction supervision services within the nuclear industry, has aligned its own strategy to support this switch to low-carbon energy, whilst also recognising transport and infrastructure systems to be a major factor in influencing the outcome of government policy.

By acquiring Schofield Lothian in 2021, Assystem reaffirmed their commitment to the UK’s energy transition in combining strengths with a long-established provider of consultancy services to the transport and infrastructure sectors, through the delivery of sustainable performance improvements within four practice areas: Consents & Engagement; Commercial Management; Project Management; and Environment & Sustainability.

Prior to operating as ‘Assystem Transport & Infrastructure’, our consents & engagement team were already well established in the provision of professional services and, thanks to continuing success, and with the additional opportunities offered through the Assystem network, we are in a position build on this solid foundation.

Job Description


A Project Manager or Consents Professional with highways experience is sought to provide a key interface function between the HS2 project and National Highways:

  • Support the development, implementation and running of an assurance and delivery framework to deal with client interfaces, resulting from the construction and operation of HS2 Phase 1.
  • Support and facilitate timely consent for HS2 works being undertaken by our client, as obligated under the HS2 Phase 1 Act.
  • Work across a matrix organisation to deliver HS2 and client obligations and ensure engagement and suitable granting of consent applications for works covering Safety, Operational and Customer aspects.


Taking a proactive role in liaising with National Highways (NH), and where crossover occurs, Local Highway Authority consents; you will provide representation at NH Sub-Groups/Traffic Liaison Groups, Public Meetings and Engagements covering the HS2/NH interface, Interface Steering Groups and at HS2/NH/LHA meetings and Working Groups.

  • Run bi-weekly NH Interface Meeting and support regular BIS and A46 Steering Group meetings led by Project Directors.
  • Support Project Manager in Project Delivery Team in project management of the engagement on specific works as promoted by HS2 and ensure progress is reported and acted upon.
  • Review National Highways consent applications from a consistency, compliance and technical standards perspective and assist submission of applications required for works delivery to programmed dates.
  • Support sub lot in determining and agreeing consent deliverables as per PMI-152. And mitigating any risks associated with such deliverables and consenting periods, escalating where appropriate to resolve and unblock National Highways Consents.
  • Ensure compliance with HS2 Act 2017 in relation to works affecting the Strategic and Road Network, with specific focus on interface to delivery teams
  • Liaise with HS2 and Design Joint Venture (DJV), via Sub Lot Design Manager, during drafting of the applications and manage the pre-application process – for example, following the principles of PMI-152 – with Local Planning Authorities (LPA’s) and National Highways through to successful determination and discharge any associated conditions applied.
  • Operate on a functional basis with sub-lots and at Programme level, to ensure functional delivery and discharge of all interfaces with the Highway networks. A key objective is to manage the operational interface and compliance (and provision of evidence) with agreements related to National Highways and LHA’s as part of the HS2 Project.
  • Subject Matter Expert for National Highway related activities and advising the Sublot project teams on Highways consent requirements and in particular National Highways requirements.
  • Arrange and lead Engagement meetings for our client with respect to Highways requirements.
  • Lead the proactive management of relationships with each Highway Authority to ensure the frictionless delivery of the consent process.
  • Lead on providing in-house awareness of Highways consent requirements, the associated timeframes and compliance with them.


  • Aligned to Sublots or specific Assets for Highways to: Ensure timely compliance in accordance with HS2 standards and project requirements and the HS2 Act.
  • Support and management of compliance with commitments made to National Highways and LHA’s.
  • Facilitate and support data gathering, collation and storage of information required by Delivery teams, National Highways, LHA’s and their contractors.
  • Manage the process of developing and submitting Highways applications in line with the programme.
  • Proactively manage relationships and communications with Highway Authorities to understand and progress the submission process and inform about the project demands.
  • Lead contact point with DJV on draft application delivery programme and quality of document content.
  • Manage, collate, and produce evidence for performance metrics and reporting and review of the Highways Consents Register against programme to provide clear performance information on the progress with planning consents.
  • Ensure project wide awareness of Highways consent needs and compliance with them.
  • Ensure recording of all communications with third parties as evidence to support Highway consent process and provide evidence for Road Safety Audits and National Highways should there be serious incident post implementation.
  • Collaborate as necessary with LHA’s, National Highways, HS2 and internal teams in support of project objectives.


We are committed to equal treatment of candidates and promote, as well as foster all forms of diversity within our company. We believe that bringing together people with different backgrounds and perspectives is essential for creating innovative and impactful solutions. Skills, talent, and our people’s ability to dare are the only things that matter !. Bring your unique contributions and help us shape the future.

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