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Our Vacancy

legal executive

  • Permanent /
  • Chennai
  • 18/01/24
  • On site

Company Profile:

Assystem Stup is a full-service design, engineering and project delivery consultancy created following Assystem’s acquisition of Stup Consultants Pvt Ltd in July 2021. Assystem Stup combines Assystem’s internationally recognised expertise in low-carbon technologies and complex project management with Stup’s extensive experience. Stup has 5 decades expertise in the urban and territorial infrastructures, civil engineering, complex buildings, transportation infrastructures as well as its strong footprint and reputation in India. Founded in 1963 by two disciples of the renowned French engineer Eugène Freyssinet, Yves Guyon and C.R. Alimchandani, the father of Stup’s last chairman, Stup became one of India’s leading providers of infrastructure engineering services.

Assystem is an international company of more than 6000 experts spread across 10 countries and with more than 55 years’ experiencing of supporting the world’s most challenging energy and complex infrastructure projects.

Assystem is playing a leading role in the fight against climate change, helping governments and clients meet their energy transition aspirations. In Europe, Asia and the Middle East, our experts are working on new nuclear power stations, harnessing the power of hydrogen, wind and solar, and helping developing economies to upgrade and optimise their existing grid infrastructures.

Assystem also helps its clients meet their operational performance challenges through its ‘engineering powered by digital’ philosophy, merging the strength of engineering and the power of datas, to improve project traceability, reduce projects costs and delivery time as well as optimising infrastructure performance. 

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Project Details

ITER represents a large energy project. This project is aiming at developing the largest experimental fusion reactor that has ever been built, in order to offer an inexhaustible, safe, and environmentally friendly source of energy. ITER is a unique global collaboration involving a European Union Joint Undertaking, which bears half the cost of the project, and six non-European countries: the United States, China, India, Japan, South Korea, Russia. The project requires unprecedented engineering services.

Within this major site, the largest helium and nitrogen production plant in the world is being built

The cryogenic plant will produce liquid nitrogen (equipment supplied by Europe) used in the “pre-cooling” processes of the liquid helium production unit (under the responsibility of the ITER Management) as well as for cooling the thermal shield. A complex system of cooling lines (supplied by India) will ensure the distribution of Helium. The plant will be much larger and more powerful than those required for the existing superconducting tokamaks.

ITER Management has appointed Assystem, as part of 2 entities as representative to:

  • perform design studies and construction management activities for the buildings (including services) and site infrastructures

  • perform construction management activities for IO’s systems including the TOKAMAK machine


    Job Description

    Role and Key Responsibilities: The key responsibilities are but not limited to, as follows:  Vetting and advisory on tenders and bidding documents including request for proposals issued for various infrastructure projects, by government bodies and private companies.  Drafting and vetting of contracts and agreements such as joint venture agreements, consortium agreements, memorandum of understanding, leave and license agreements, non-disclosure agreements, settlement agreements, etc.  Drafting and vetting of various types of contracts entered into or to be entered into with various private companies, government companies and statutory bodies.  Preparing detailed notes for internal use and for clients, on extant as well as potential legal and contractual issues.  Drafting of various applications, petitions, statutory notices, claims, counter claims, rejoinders, written statements, evidence affidavits, reply to legal notices, criminal complaints, RTI applications, etc.  Representing the Company in various types of contractual matters and civil matters including but not limited to summary suits, writ petitions, insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings, and other matters pertaining to recovery of dues across various courts of law and tribunals.  Strategizing with Head – Legal and the Company management relevant aspects of subsisting litigations.  Briefing and coordinating with various law firms and independent legal practitioners regarding all the disputes involving the Company.  Drafting and vetting of power of attorneys, and correspondence to be sent to government and non-government clients regarding disputes, show cause notices, contractual misinterpretation, legal notices etc.  Visiting competent authorities for documentation, following-up and keeping a record of same.  Research oriented analysis on laws applicable to the Company and keeping abreast with any amendments thereof.  Analyzing risks regarding the insurances polices.  If required, training project managers and other project participants on various applicable laws, compliances and contractual issues.  Monitoring compliance of the Company with extant and applicable laws, and ASSYSTEM group compliance regulations. Required Qualifications:  Bachelor’s Degree in Law (LL.B.) from a reputed university or college.  Experience in the infrastructure sector.  Previous qualified experience of 2-5 years. Experience at a reputed law firm is preferred.  Ability to prioritize and manage a varied and fast-moving workload.  Team player/adaptable to both integrate with the operational team and to interact with other in-house lawyers in the Company and ASSYSTEM Group’s Legal team.  Excellent communication skills – encourages an open environment where information and ideas are shared, and innovative thinking is stimulated.

    My profile

    Bachelor’s Degree in Law (LL.B.)

    We are committed to equal treatment of candidates and promote, as well as foster all forms of diversity within our company. We believe that bringing together people with different backgrounds and perspectives is essential for creating innovative and impactful solutions. Skills, talent, and our people’s ability to dare are the only things that matter !. Bring your unique contributions and help us shape the future.

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