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Incoming Material & Equipment Inspector

  • Nuclear
  • Permanent /
  • Mersin
  • 06/11/23
  • On site

Finding solutions to climate change is the priority of the 21st century, and means switching to low-carbon energy. At Assystem, our mission is to accelerate the energy transition worldwide. To achieve this, our 7,000 Switchers combine their historical engineering expertise and project management with digital technologies.

In our 12 countries (Europe, Middle East, Asia) of operation, we are working on the production and distribution of low-carbon electricity, through the development of nuclear and renewable energies. We are also supporting the modernisation and development of energy grids, managing the setup and siting for new transmission and distribution networks, and using hydrogen to decarbonise the transport and industry sectors.

Assystem in Türkiye, is renowned for working with the public and private sectors. Specializing in ESIA studies, site investigations, and laboratory research, the company offers vital site supervision owners and lenders engineering services. Notably, Assystem in Türkiye plays a pivotal role in major projects like power generation, and the construction of the Akkuyu nuclear power plant.

Job Description

Incoming Material & Equipment Inspector is in charge of performing predefined checks regarding the conformity of material and equipment, including those considered as important for nuclear safety, delivered on the NPP construction site and the conditions of their preservation until their use or installation for the construction.

My profile

Main Responsibilities and Duties Responsibilities
Responsibilities• Ensure that the material and equipment to be used for construction are compliant with the approved technical specifications and in a good state • Verify that the conditions of preservation of the equipment are respected until its use for construction • Ensure the traceability of the inspections performed, of the defaults and deviations observed and of the non-conformities issued • Verify the defaults, deviations or non-conformities are properly corrected • Ensure his/her inspection activities are performed in a safely manner.
• Take knowledge of Akkuyu NPP Project referential (norms and standards, specifications, procedures, etc.) related to the material and equipment to be inspected • Issue comments on this documentation if deviations or missing points are detected regarding the applicable referential • Prepare the inspections by identifying the elementary controls that will be done, in accordance with the law 30024 and with the right level of details expected including the elaboration of necessary checklist • Conduct incoming inspections on NPP worksite site to verify the conformity and the preservation conditions of the concerned material/equipment: o Unloading of material/equipment o Packaging status o Storage conditions o Maintenance during storage o Physical inspection of material/equipment o Onsite lifting and transportation conditions o Quality and regulatory documentation o Etc. • Elaborate Work Inspection Reports for keeping record of the content and the results of the inspection performed on site • Describe and record the defaults or deviations observed during the inspection and follow-up their resolution • Perform an assessment on the defaults and deviations recorded, and when decided, describe and write a non-conformity notification, then monitor the corresponding corrective and preventive actions • Launch when necessary independent tests on samples (i.e. rebar, etc), to be performed by accredited laboratories and follow up the results • Respect the existing AEOS NCIO project Quality Assurance processes and HSE requirements • Contribute to the elaboration of the AEOS NCIO Project Monthly Report, by providing information on inspection activities carried out during the month • Attend, on request, internal or external technical meetings.
• Belong to the AEOS NCIO Inspection Team • Report to the relevant Inspection Coordinator (civil, mechanical, electrical) or to the Inspection Team Manager and follow their instructions • Notify the relevant Coordinator and the Inspection Team Manager of defaults, deviations and non-conformities and their resolution status • Interface with the AEOS NCIO Project Support Team, on documentation management topics and for the elaboration of the Monthly Report • Respect the instructions given by the QHSE Team regarding Quality Assurance and HSE requirements • Communicate and exchange on a daily basis with all the stakeholders involved in the incoming material and equipment processing
Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours

• Knowledge of the following standards: o ISO 9001 on quality management o GOST-24297-2013: incoming control of products basic provisions o ISO 2859-1 on sampling for tests (will be a plus) o TS EN 708: steel bar for concrete (will be a plus) o TS EN 1090: steel structures and aluminium structures (will be a plus) • Fluent in Turkish – read and spoken • Fluent in English – read, spoken and written • Fluent in Russian – read, spoken (will be a plus) • Microsoft Office software (professional use)
• Ability to quickly understand technical requirements (e.g. specifications, drawings, codes, norms) • Ability to write technical documents and reports • Good written and verbal communication skills • Ability to communicate proactively in a multicultural environment • Ability to observe in order to detect non-compliances meticulously
• Impartial and upright• Resistance• Organised• Rigorous
• Undergraduate diploma in civil or mechanical field (High school + 4 years)
• 3 years in inspection and/or in quality assurance/quality control• 5 years minimum of professional experience in construction or industrial projects• Experience in incoming material and equipment control (will be a plus)• Experience in a Russian construction project (will be a plus)

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