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Health-Safety and Environment Project Responsible

  • Nuclear
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  • Mersin
  • 06/11/23
  • On site

Finding solutions to climate change is the priority of the 21st century, and means switching to low-carbon energy. At Assystem, our mission is to accelerate the energy transition worldwide. To achieve this, our 7,000 Switchers combine their historical engineering expertise and project management with digital technologies.

In our 12 countries (Europe, Middle East, Asia) of operation, we are working on the production and distribution of low-carbon electricity, through the development of nuclear and renewable energies. We are also supporting the modernisation and development of energy grids, managing the setup and siting for new transmission and distribution networks, and using hydrogen to decarbonise the transport and industry sectors.

Assystem in Türkiye, is renowned for working with the public and private sectors. Specializing in ESIA studies, site investigations, and laboratory research, the company offers vital site supervision owners and lenders engineering services. Notably, Assystem in Türkiye plays a pivotal role in major projects like power generation, and the construction of the Akkuyu nuclear power plant.

Job Description

Health-Safety and Environment Project Responsible is responsible to define, organize, implement, and monitor all activities that ensure the health and the safety of all AEOS NCIO Team members within the framework of their professional activities, including the measures for the protection of the environment, in full compliance with the applicable Turkish and Akkuyu site regulations and procedures.

In addition, HSE Project Responsible is in charge of organizing and providing all HSE inspections services as defined in AEOS NCIO Contracts.

My profile

Main Responsibilities and Duties

Responsibilities (Main objectives to be ensured by the position)


• Bear the overall responsibility to ensure the protection of the health and the occupational safety of all AEOS NCIO Team members.

• Define the necessary HSE measures, Coordinate their implementation, Monitor their efficiency, and Report on their progress and results.

• Guarantee the compliance of all HSE measures with the Turkish regulatory context and with the Akkuyu NPP site HSE requirements.

• Ensure the contractual HSE inspection activities are properly performed, recorded and reported to the Owner and/or the General Contractor.

• Ensure that the HSE deficiencies detected during inspection are properly followed-up and fixed by the Owner and/or General Contractor.

• Supervise, manage and control the AEOS NCIO HSE team and all its activities with the help of the HSE Lead.

• Promote Safety Culture and Environment Protection within AEOS NCIO Team


Duties (Key activities expected from the position


Development of HSE Management System:

• Develop and implement safety policies, plans and procedures in compliance with the requirements of local regulations, local & global organization, and standards.

• Maintain HSE management system in compliance with legal requirements, organizational standards (ISO 45001 & 14001) and other requirements.

Measuring Performance:

• Follow up and keep update AEOS Company and AEOS NCIO Project HSE key performance indicators (KPIs).

• Set targets for the HSE department, HSE team members, AEOS NCIO Project.

• Support the achievement of AEOS company and AEOS NCIO Project HSE targets and initiatives, taking into account actual conditions of Akkuyu site and AEOS NCIO Project.

• Provide clear periodic reports on HSE achievements and results.

Enforcement & Compliance:

• Ensure adherence of AEOS NCIO Project to AEOS company policies, procedures, and rules, considering the local regulations (Turkish and Akkuyu Site).

• Ensure compliance with HSE regulations and standards (e.g., ISO-14001, ISO-45001)

• Ensure compliance with contractual requirements;

• Ensure management of impact of changes on the HSE organization.

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment:

• Ensure that all activities are defined and HSE risks of these activities are assessed and required preventive measures are planned and implemented.

• Form a risk assessment team and update risk assessments periodically and upon any change or incident with the risk assessment team.

• Prepare project specific HSE plan with Project specific risks.

HSE Contractual Inspections:

• Prepare a HSE surveillance plan including site visits and HSE inspections

• Perform HSE inspections and report on them as per existing contracts and procedures.

• Monitor the closure of HSE findings detected during inspections.

• Can take decision to suspend AEOS NCIO technical inspections at site if safety conditions create an unacceptable risk for the safety of collaborators.

• Could request a “Stop of Works” if safety conditions at site create an unacceptable risk for the safety of workers (after exchange with AEOS NCIO Project Manager)

• Ensure production of relevant HSE performance indicators and provide them through specific reports upon request from the Project Management

• Prepare all letters and correspondences related to HSE issues and submit them to the approval AEOS NCIO Project Manager before issuance.

HSE Internal and External Audits:

• Prepare a HSE yearly audit plan including the Project Internal Reviews, the external HSE audits, and the emergency drills.

• Organize and perform the Project HSE Internal Reviews and the emergency drills.

• Prepare written report for each Project HSE Internal Reviews and each emergency drill including findings and recommendations for corrective measures, submit the reports to the approval of AEOS NCIO Project Manager.

• Attend to HSE external audits and support AEOS NCIO Project for answering questions asked by external auditors (on ISO-45001, ISO-14001, etc.)

• Assess the HSE external audit reports.

• Create and keep updated a Project HSE Action Plan including all corrective and preventive measures proposed/decided to be implemented following the Project HSE Internal Reviews, emergency drills, HSE external audits, or other events.

• Animate and monitor the implementation of the Project HSE Action Plan

Incident Management:

• Lead incident investigations.

• Analyze incident data and identify trends.

• Recommend actions to avoid incidents across the organization.

• Establish reporting & recording environment to gather incident data.

• Ensure timely reporting of HSE key information to interested parties.


• Develop and maintain the AEOS NCIO HSE emergency response plan.

• Implement effective operational emergency response plans and ensure compliance with Turkish regulations and Akkuyu site requirements.




• Belong to the AEOS NCIO QHSE Team managed by the QHSE Coordinator

• Report directly to AEOS NCIO Project Principal Manager or Project Director for all HSE issues regarding the implementation of the AEOS NCIO Project .

• Can report directly to the AEOS Regional QHSE Director or to the Turkiye Country Director for all HSE issues regarding the company level.

• Can interface directly with the Customer and with relevant Authorities or other Akkuyu construction project stakeholders for dealing with HSE issues.

• Can interact with any of AEOS Project Team member for HSE topics.


Knowledge, Skills and Behaviors



• Good knowledge of the standards:

o ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System standard,

o ISO 45001:2018 OHS Management System standard.

• High knowledge of Turkish Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, and other Turkish regulations related to Protection of Environment.

• Fluent in Turkish – read and spoken and written.

• Fluent in English – read, spoken and written.

• Proficient in Russian – read, spoken (will be a plus)

• Microsoft Office software (professional use, Word, Excel, PowerPoint).




• Strong leadership in order to manage efficiently the HSE team and to be able to implement the necessary safety precaution measures within the Project Team.

• High capacity for dealing with external stakeholders (Customer, Authorities, and other external stakeholders, etc.) within a difficult multicultural context.

• Ability to understand quickly the context and its evolution in order to properly react for continuing to ensure the safety of collaborators.

• Ability to write documents, reports, and procedures.

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

• Able to communicate proactively in a multicultural environment.

• Capacity to work under pressure and to remain cool and calm with diplomacy in order to properly manage the situation at difficult times.




• Patient and persuasive

• Impartial and upright

• Leadership

• Organized

• Result oriented

• Process awareness

• Service minded

• Resistance to pressure


Experience and Qualification Expected


(Diploma, educational level, specialty)

• Graduate diploma (graduation in the field of HSE is preferred).


(Years of seniority expected, professional sector, discipline, etc.)

• Minimum 10 years in Occupational Health and Safety management.

• 10 years of proven experience in construction projects or industrial installations



(Specific certifications required, other trainings that could be a plus…)

• Minimum A Class HSE Expert Certificate (on the basis of Turkish regulation)

• Must have the necessary credentials recognized at international level

• ISO-14001 Internal / Lead Auditor Certificate (will be a plus)

• ISO-45001 Internal / Lead Auditor Certificate (will be a plus)

• NEBOSH International General Certificate (will be a plus)

• IOSH Managing Safely Certificate (will be a plus)


Specific requirements

• Driving license

• Must accept to be registered in the Turkish E-Katip system as A Class HSE Expert

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