Assystem is an international company with one mission: accelerate the energy transition around the world.

Every day, our 6,500 switchers located in 12 countries (Europe, Middle East, Pacific Asia & Africa) connect their six thousand billion neurons to tackle the task of the century: switching to low-carbon energy.

We are a collective committed to the actors who are making the energy switch. Sharing our knowledge, expertise and values allows us to innovate and think differently about the energy transition.

To ensure a viable, efficient, and reliable energy future for all.

The UK government has made a pledge to reach carbon neutrality by 2050 and, as such, is pushing ahead with significant investment in nuclear and renewable energies.Assystem, as a leading provider of project management, design & construction supervision services within the nuclear industry, has aligned its own strategy to support this switch to low-carbon energy, whilst also recognising transport and infrastructure systems to be a major factor in influencing the outcome of government policy.By acquiring Schofield Lothian in 2021, Assystem reaffirmed their commitment to the UK’s energy transition in combining strengths with a long-established provider of consultancy services to the transport and infrastructure sectors, through the delivery of sustainable performance improvements within four practice areas: Consents & Engagement; Commercial Management; Project Management; and Environment & Sustainability.

Job Description

Working as an integrated part of the delivery team, the Ecological clerk of works (ECoW)will provide pragmatic on sire support and advice to construction teams, sub-contractors whilst delivering ecological requirements to programme, budget and quality standard. This includes on-site surveys, inspections and watching briefs, providing practical advice on promgramme and on-site measures, and providing practical advice on legal requirements. The ECoW may designate tasks to additional suitably experienced personnel (hereafter referred to collectively as ‘the ECoW’). This must be done so in writing. The Ecologist Clerk of Works will have demonstratable experience in the management and delivery of ecological mitigation and will be a full member of the Chartered institute of ecology and environmental management (CIEEM), or equivalent organisation.


Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Liaising with site personnel and the wider Construction team in a practical way to work without contravening legislation or Commitments as outlined in the Terrestrial Ecology Monitoring and Maintenance Plan (TEMMP) or Ecology Works Method Statement (EWMNS).
  • The development and provision of toolbox talks and the maintenance of records for the provision of these items to teams.
  • Completion of a daily site record and distribution of the record and resulting actions to Construction and Leadership teams. The daily site record shall include the following as a minimum:
  •  The location and action implemented for any protected species or habitats encountered in that works window
  •  Any instructions, guidance or controls given to the Construction Team.
  •  Any risks or issues to delivery, including any unforeseen issues.
  •  Details of any monitoring or assurance activities.


  • Facilitating weekly engagement meetings with the Ecology Delivery Team and the Site Construction Team and maintaining an action tracker for these sessions.
  • Attending Weekly ECoW meetings, Monday All team Progress calls and biweekly team calls and undertaking any actions outlined from this session.
  • Maintaining a task tracker of actions and chasing up parties with regards to allocated actions.
  • The Development and support of implementation of ecological method statements and associated documents as required by the Contract.
  • Actively helping to deliver a culture of continual improvement of on-site ecological practice that is solution-orientated to support construction teams.
  • Reporting ecological incidents, being familiar with the auditing and assurance strategy and participating where required in incident investigations and audits.
  • Providing information to the Ecologist Clerk of Works WhatsApp group.
  • The ECoW will work in accordance with the CEMP, RAMS and Sizewell C health and safety requirements.
  • As part of method statements and daily activity briefings, ecological aspects relevant to the task will be identified to work operatives in the form of toolbox talks highlighting both protected species and designated sites of relevance to the site.
  • The daily site record will be provided to the Construction Manager and SZC Co.
  • The ECoW will also attend regular site meetings to ensure a full understanding of the works programme.
  • Ensuring that appropriate biosecurity measures are being implemented on site to prevent the introduction and/or spread of invasive species.
  • Implementing and recording actions as per any species derogation licences or designated site consents
  • The ECoW will be empowered to stop or alter works in the event of noncompliance or the identification of an additional legislative constraint in addition to the usual H&S stop works authority

We are committed to equal treatment of candidates and promote, as well as foster all forms of diversity within our company. We believe that bringing together people with different backgrounds and perspectives is essential for creating innovative and impactful solutions. Skills, talent, and our people’s ability to dare are the only things that matter !. Bring your unique contributions and help us shape the future.

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