Our innovation approach: Digital and engineering, two indissociable areas of expertise

Innovation, driven by digital technology, makes it possible to renew the way in which projects are developed and thus to make project management and engineering evolve, taking advantage of the new possibilities offered by the available digital technologies.

The digitalisation of engineering is conditioned by a convergence between engineering and data, at the heart of Assystem's approach. The aim is to move from a document-centred approach to a data-centred approach, based on data from all phases of design, construction, operation and dismantling. This approach has three major benefits:

  • Accelerating the execution of infrastructure engineering projects
  • The development of tailor-made solutions taking into account all regulatory specificities
  • The possibility of simulating, prior to implementation, scenarios for the development of very complex projects
"Innovation in our industry requires open-mindedness, collective intelligence and customer commitment, and this approach is key to our company's progress. Let's make engineering creative and inspiring!"
Robert Plana
CTO, Assystem
Transport et data science - Assystem

Engineering powered by digital


Assystem relies on an internal programme, "Engineering Powered By Digital", which aims to improve the performance of the group's offer and, in general, its own customer deliverables through the application of new and proven digital approaches.

Change means transforming approaches, thanks to digital. Indeed, for Assystem, digital is now at the service of the success of its client projects. By associating the full potential of a "data" approach with systems engineering, Assystem is able to push back the limits of its clients' performance.

"Engineering Powered By Digital" is based on 4 cornerstones:

  • Industrial data science to accurately and automatically analyse large volumes of data, in order to bring out immediately operational and reliable information.
  • Digital system engineering to ensure optimised management in the design of complex systems
  • Project execution and monitoring to ensure the proper integration of systems dedicated to project management and to better manage complex projects while controlling deadlines, coactivity, resources and therefore costs.
  • The development of applications for field operations ("Field Services Solutions") to help operators in the field to better control their activities.

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