Testing and commissioning

Assystem has implemented a test methodology based on a functional approach to facilities, to ensure their rapid and effective commissioning.


The performance levels of newly-constructed facilities are only certain when they are brought into service. Although the functional dimension and performance requirements guide the project in the design phases, construction diagrams and work package allocations do not always guarantee an approach that ensures operational continuity and the integration of performance requirements in the finished infrastructures. Once built, going beyond the equipment supply and construction contracts, the testing and commissioning phase consists in ensuring the suitable operation, performance and security of the facilities delivered to the operator.


Our approach

Since its establishment, Assystem has implemented in multiple sectors (nuclear, pharmaceutical, automotive, steel, naval etc.) a testing methodology based on a functional approach to facility commissioning (in contrast to the work package and contract approach). Our approach is based on planning, progressive implementation and the involvement of the operator as soon as construction is completed, to enable easier handover as rapidly as possible.

This method is based on a geographical and functional map of the facility, validation by the suppliers (in particular instrumentation & control), rigorous handover of facilities between construction and testing, progressive activation from elementary functions to primary functions, in order to identify any malfunctions as rapidly as possible and remedy them in record time. The nuclear and automotive industries have adopted Assystem’s methods to ensure the security and time-to-market of their industrial investments.

Moreover, to comply with project budgets and deadlines, Assystem teams ensure they don’t produce over-quality in terms of tests. So, we always assess whether a modification after the first test is likely to impact our respect of customer requirements, before deciding to carry out further tests.

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