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Protection of industrial and public sites and of Operators of Vital Importance (OVI) is the primary concern of all industrialists, but also of governments which pass laws to further the physical and electronic protection of critical infrastructures


In response to terrorist attacks and malicious acts, the security market has experienced steady growth over the past twenty years. Sensitive sites and critical infrastructures are increasingly vulnerable for two reasons: the first is the increase in terrorist attacks, making it necessary to increase protection of public places (airports, stadiums, train stations, etc.), OVIs (dams, hospitals, power plants, etc.) and industrial sites; the second is cyberattacks. Indeed, security systems must also be protected against cyberattacks.

Security directives have been issued in the French military planning law and various white papers relating to domestic security in order to initiate the necessary measures to protect sensitive sites.

Security is now a primary concern for all industrial stakeholders and OVIs, which are intent on protecting people, the environment, their production tools and their infrastructures.

8% The global security market is projected to increase by 8 percent in 2018 Source: Gartner

Our Approach

Assystem is active in the market of sensitive sites and critical infrastructures in industrial and urban sectors, with an offer based mainly on the delivery and integration of turnkey system solutions. Our unique offer includes the integration of the very latest technology for all types of security systems: video surveillance, anti-intrusion devices, access control, intercom systems and hypervision (supervisory controls). Our added value resides in our ability to handle complex projects thanks to our unique expertise related to system layers.

Assystem designs and manufactures high-security systems for military sites, state ministries, and for infrastructures used in energy production and transport, and also in sectors such as water, transport, health (hospitals) and service sector (prisons, stadiums, museums, etc.).

Assystem is active both upstream (consulting, audits) and during the project phases for project supervision, system integration and maintenance.

Our Assets

Expertise in safety/security professions

“Global security” approach

Partnerships with OVIs

Independent from technology

Our solutions


Site audits


Risk analysis


Functional studies and system architecture


Integration and development of turn-key system solutions


On-site installation and deployment


Maintenance (remote maintenance, MOC, training)

Expert talks

Security of sensitive infrastructures: from physical protection to cybersecurity

" There are real issues in securing the OT part, which requires business process skills along with expertise in cybersecurity."

Michel DRAN
Security and Control activities development Manager


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