Digital system engineering

Assystem assists manufacturers in the implementation of digital system engineering approaches to better structure their data.

Complex infrastructures are made up of a multitude of data that evolve over time. Building such facilities requires the implementation of a number of digital tools at the service of engineers. Model-based systems engineering, BIM and PLM are approaches that go in this direction, in order to structure project data throughout its life cycle and to gain efficiency.

Assystem assists manufacturers in the nuclear, transport, defence, life sciences sectors in the implementation of these digitally oriented systems engineering approaches.

MBSE Services (Model Based Systems Engineering)

Manufacturers who manage complex buildings face issues of information management and data consistency. The implementation of structured models makes it possible to formalize, visualize and analyze design data and ensure their monitoring and consistency throughout the life cycle of the installations. The ISBM (Model-Based System Engineering - or MBSE) approach, by moving from document-based engineering to model-based engineering, provides part of the answer to the issue of data consistency.

Assystem assists manufacturers in the implementation of an MBSE approach, in order to define the "data models" that will ensure this consistency between data and their governance throughout the life cycle.


BIM Services

While building owners are required to build ever more complex and efficient, intelligent and hyper-connected buildings, traditional tools, 2D plans or paper have reached their limit.

Assystem assists building owners in the implementation of a BIM (Building Information Modeling) approach, enabling them to optimize the design, modeling, construction, operation and evolution of buildings. This approach, based on a BIM model and a BIM protocol, allows the centralisation and sharing of installation data within a single tool, over the entire life cycle of the installations. In this way, Assystem assists its clients during the design, construction and test phases, right through to the operation and maintenance phases.

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PLM Services

Complex infrastructures involve a particularly large volume of documents and therefore data to be controlled. PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), also known as ALM (Asset Lifecycle Management), is a set of concepts, methods and collaborative software tools that enable the management of all information relating to an installation over its entire lifecycle.

Assystem supports manufacturers by offering them PLM solutions using Agile type methodologies in three phases: framing workshops, development and use.

Assystem deploys these PLM solutions for its own customer projects, in particular for projects for which they are responsible for project management.

A PLM offer is also available for the framing and implementation phases with a particular focus on change management.


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