Assystem assists manufacturers in highly regulated sectors, placing quality and compliance with regulations at the centre of its actions.

Compliance issues are predominant in highly regulated sectors, and must be on the minds of every player and collaborator involved in these projects. Compliance is applied through projects at various levels, from equipment qualification to testing and supplier qualification, project licensing, compliance and control of industrial and environmental risks.

Assystem assists manufacturers in each of these areas, placing quality and compliance with regulations at the centre of its actions, wherever the group operates in the world and in a consistent way.

Qualification and equipment testing

The qualification of equipment is a major challenge for new facility construction projects, but also for major maintenance operations on sites in operation (“Le Grand Carénage” – program to extend the lives of nuclear power plants beyond their original 40 years – for the EDF fleet). It takes place either during the construction of a new installation (initial qualification) or during the life of equipment in operation (progressive qualification). As a result of changes in regulations, and in particular the consideration of Post-Fukushima, operators are faced with very strong growth in their equipment qualification activity. The latter can be handled directly by the operator or entrusted to equipment suppliers or engineering companies.

An excellent management of the qualification process is essential to successfully complete the qualification of an equipment while optimising lead times and costs.

Assystem has specialised skills to support nuclear operators and suppliers in the project management of qualifications (initial, progressive) and the monitoring of qualifications.

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Nuclear Qualification and equipment testing

Qualification and suppliers monitoring

In phased EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) projects, risk management lies in the necessary quality control adapted to each of these phases.

Pre-qualification of the suppliers who will participate in a project is a crucial stage, as their performance depends on that of their client.

Assystem provides an appropriate response to each industrial context by carrying out FMECA-type audits that make it possible to anticipate the risks of a subcontractor. Complexity, novelty, capability and capacity are all evaluation criteria that enter into the diagnosis and allow the best technical and economic choice. Once the list of contracts has been drawn up, Assystem intervenes in the processes of monitoring integrated management systems (audits) or product monitoring (quality control, document management) through technical assistance by proposing profiles whose skills and knowledge are adapted to its clients. Above all, however, Assystem is able to offer a complete service for managing the quality performance of a project or supply chain.

Qualification suppliers monitoring


Any project for the construction of a nuclear installation is subject to an assessment and authorisation process by the host country's Nuclear Safety Authority throughout the life of the installation (choice of site, construction, operation, final shutdown, dismantling, modifications).

Assystem is the partner of the developers and operators of these nuclear projects. We support our clients at every stage of the authorisation process (authorisation, modification or renewal phases), from the initial application to the final shutdown and dismantling of an installation.

With 50 years of experience in new or existing programmes, we support countries with or without an installed nuclear culture, around the various nuclear technologies on the market. We cover all requirements in terms of site conditions and possible designs in compliance with IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) approaches.

Licensing Assystem

Industrial and environmental risks

The security of our clients' installations and the ability to accompany the energy transition are at the heart of Assystem's concerns. In this respect, the Industrial Risk Management and Environment department (MRIE) assists its clients in dealing with all issues relating to the safety of people and assets, and in assessing the environmental impact of their installations.

Assystem offers a wide range of services in industrial risk prevention, including hazard studies, impact studies, regulatory files and compliance and zoning analyses, as well as more specific analyses: modelling of dangerous phenomena, lightning risk analyses, technical lightning studies, etc.

In a perspective of search for solutions and alternatives in favour of sustainable development, Assystem contributes to the development of new energy sources (green hydrogen, conversion to Natural Gas for Vehicles/Compressed Natural Gas fuels...) to imagine the world of tomorrow.

Social Impact Assessment nuclear power plant

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