20 December 2022

Assystem hosted its final Digital Day event in London in a festive showcase of some of the company’s most innovative projects, demonstrating the use of new and emerging digital tools and approaches in project control and management.

More than 50 delegates from the transportation and nuclear sector in the UK attended the event and they received technical demonstrations on BIM, digital approaches within PMO, and on Assystem’s customised digital solutions Optimizio*DeepFinder, SecuREview, and MBRAMS. 

The event highlighted the added value of digital on large complex infrastructure projects, primarily those required to be built quickly to support the energy transition. Assystem focused on the three main areas key to accelerating projects today;

  • digitising engineering and project management processes,
  • digitising field operations,
  • analysing and managing industrial data to accelerate decision-making.

Delegates were given in-depth insight on high profile projects through customer testimonies to help them understand the constraints of the projects in focus and the solutions brought by Assystem to optimise the performance and the deliverables of these projects.

Participants were able to discover how Assystem and its teams, known as ‘Switchers’ are supporting the delivery of the 2024 Olympic Village, the Devonport Dockyard project, and the UK HS2 rail project.

Graham Openshaw - Head of Digital UK: "This event, organised by Assystem, is an opportunity to discuss digital services and solutions, to provide feedback on completed projects but also to demonstrate some of the bespoke services and solutions we can offer to our customers. We adapt to their digital environment, integrating their data, processes, software and maintaining the integrity of their critical information systems. And we provide flexible and modular support, from upstream consultancy to development and integration of engineering platforms and project management software."

* Optimizio is an Assystem solution

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