12 January 2022

Assystem has maintained its position as the No2 nuclear engineering company in the world, securing its place as a major player in the design and construction of low-carbon power plants in 2021. Assystem also features inside of the Top 20 of the worlds leading design firms in power engineering.

The listing is reported in ENR’s Global Sourcebook, a survey of the annual revenues of leading contractors and design firms across the world.

Assystem is involved in all the major nuclear programmes happening today such as at Akkuyu in Türkiye, HPC in the UK and Hanhikivi in Finland and Assystem is active across the entire low-carbon energy sector focusing on designing and delivering the technologies that will enable the energy transition, such as renewable power, SMRs, nuclear fusion and hydrogen.

Nuclear power will remain at the heart of our growth strategy for both engineering and digital. The announcements made by many countries, starting with France, confirm the governments’ awareness of the role that nuclear power must play in the fight against climate change. As the world’s second largest nuclear engineering company, Assystem is ideally positioned to support these ongoing and future programmes.   

Active in 13 countries globally, Assystem’s team of 7,000 experts are committed to energy transition projects and also act as advisors to governments and developers on their energy transition programmes, considering the end-to-end management of new low carbon power, and ensuring it is compatible within electrical systems, delivering modernisation programmes where required and balancing multiple new and ageing power sources to bring greater efficiency to networks. 

Stephane Aubarbier Chief Operating Officer, Assystem said: “I am delighted that we have maintained our leading position as nuclear engineers globally. 

“Nuclear power has never been more crucial than today as it offers countries a unique option to anchor their energy transition programmes with a secure supply of low-carbon power.

“Assystem believes that nuclear power is crucial to delivering the energy transition at the scale and pace required to limit the impact of climate change and our teams are ready to support our customers though the entire process of their nuclear or low carbon energy programme, to which we bring unrivalled knowledge of the management of complex energy infrastructure in highly regulated environments.”  

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