Three Assystem employees win the Spark! contest

29 July 2019

On 11 July 2019, at the UK Parliament’s House of Commons in London, a group of three Assystem employees was awarded first prize for their project entry in the Franco-British Spark! contest devoted to energy innovations.

For the fourth year running, Assystem sponsored the Spark! contest in 2018-2019. Open to students, postgraduates and young professionals in the UK and France, whatever their area of specialization, Spark! is aimed at encouraging innovative and novel thinking about contemporary energy challenges.

The theme of the 2018-2019 contest was “What would you launch? – The next start-up to disrupt the Franco-British low-carbon energy economy”. Out of the 40 teams that entered, 15 were selected to take part in a workshop and work on their business cases. Four finalists were then chosen to present their project in front of a prestigious jury at the grand final held at the House of Commons in London on 11 July.

29 July 2019

And it was three Assystem employees who won first prize this year. The team made up of Emir Roumili, Gaëtan Moreau and Tarik Beladgham presented a very high-level pitch to the jury about a start-up called CO2 Solutions. Their idea is to replace harmful processes and components by elements obtained from re-using gaseous waste discharged by businesses. Their motto is “Together let’s give CO2 a new lease of life”.

Inspired by Dominique Louis’ book, “2050: a carbon-free France”, the three winners decided to tackle the source of the problem and take a new look at CO2, the public enemy number one that is the main factor responsible for global warming. There are two ways of reducing the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere: either ensure that it is not produced (preventative), or recuperate it for reuse or trap it before it is discharged into the atmosphere (curative).

Through their project, Emir, Gaëtan and Tarik have thought up a method that helps limit global warming. They have chosen a system that can convert CO2 into cyclic carbonate – a high value-added chemical product usually synthesized through a harmful process. This chemical component is essential in the cosmetics industry as it is used to replace silicone oil which is considered to be a toxic product. A triple success then in the fight against global warming!

And what was the prize? The winners will be given work shadowing opportunities with the Spark! contest’s partner companies and will be invited by the International Youth Nuclear Congress (IYNC) 2020 to present their work as one of the finalists in the Innovation For Nuclear (I4N) contest in Sydney in March 2020.

Assystem is proud of this initiative developed by three of its employees as it clearly embodies the Group’s innovative and disruptive values.

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