SMR consortium appoints new interim CEO

29 April 2020

Assystem and the consortium of companies developing new compact nuclear power stations have appointed Tom Samson as its interim chief executive.   

The move comes as current programme director, David Orr, retires at the end of April.

Tom Samson, the former CEO of NuGeneration Ltd and most recently the founder and CEO of Guardian Power, has joined the team immediately.

The consortium, which is developing the power station comprises Assystem, Atkins, BAM Nuttall, Jacobs, Laing O’Rourke, National Nuclear Laboratory, Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, Rolls-Royce and TWI.

Kevin Wilkinson Business Unit Director at Assystem said: “We’re delighted to have Tom at the helm of the consortium driving what is a very important low carbon power programme.”

Tom Samson, said: “This consortium is playing a vital role in our future energy landscape and has both the collaborative spirit and the technological innovation to provide the UK with a home-grown response to the global challenges of climate change.”

Assystem is leading on the Turbine Island, Cooling Water Island and Balance of Plant development of structures and systems, using  Model Based Systems Engineering, Generative design and original Project Delivery Model Approach.

The power station is a compact design, the components for which would be manufactured in sections in regional UK factories, before being transported to existing nuclear sites for rapid assembly inside a weatherproof canopy. This cuts costs by avoiding weather disruptions and secures efficiency savings by using streamlined and standardised manufacturing processes for its components.

By 2050 a full UK programme of up to 16 of these power stations could create:

  • Up to 40,000 jobs
  • £52bn of value to the UK economy
  • £250bn of exports

Each power station will be able to operate for 60 years and provide 440MW of electricity, which is enough to power a city the size of Leeds.

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