2 February 2022

Assystem, an independent international engineering group, is recruiting 2,500 new employees worldwide in 2022.

As a player committed to the energy transition and digital transformation by promoting the development of low-carbon electricity, in particular through the use of nuclear power and renewable energy technologies around the world, Assystem is launching an ambitious recruitment campaign in 2022 in order to meet the growing needs of its customers in the energy, rail transport and infrastructure sectors.

Numerous opportunities in the energy transition and digital sectors to support its customers on major projects

For these new hires, Assystem is looking for engineers in project management, nuclear safety, civil engineering, telecoms, networks, electricity, signalling and infrastructure/MOA/MOE project managers.

With regard to digital activities, Assystem has developed 3 fields of expertise: the digitalisation of engineering and project management processes; the management and effective utilization of the industrial data and the digitalisation of the field operations.

Assystem is looking for consultants and IT/IS architects, developers and data scientists to support this strategy.

New members of the Assystem team will have the opportunity to work on the largest energy transition projects such as the new nuclear construction programmes in France, the UK, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Finland, Hungary and India, the ITER nuclear fusion project, the development of new SMR reactor technologies, the development of hydrogen in transport or supporting the Republic of Uzbekistan with the implementation of its energy transition program.

All job offers are available on the dedicated website

Supporting new generations of talent

For many years, Assystem has been committed to supporting new generations, with 30% of new positions are reserved for junior staffers. This year again, approximately 300 interns will join the group. In addition, Assystem has developed the first graduate program in the engineering sector, which enables graduates with high potential to be trained for 36 months, through three placement rotations, one of which is international, with the aim of leading a new generation of talent into management positions within the company.

Diversity and inclusion also at the heart of Assystem's recruitment strategy 

The group has made diversity and inclusion pillars of its commitment to its employees. It is driven by a strong belief that it is the unique combination of skills, profiles, cultural identities and a wealth of experience that allows it to participate in the largest engineering projects worldwide. 

In 2021, the signature of an international charter, deployed within all its entities marked a significant step in the commitment and ambitions of Assystem. The objective is to provide each employee with a common framework to support, encourage and integrate the conditions and processes to promote inclusion.

Assystem has a strong HR policy and ethos and since 2010, the group has implemented actions on gender diversity through the creation of the #INCREDIBLEWOMEN programme, which is organised around three main pillars: to recruit, retain and evolve more women in the company.

"We are offering our new employees the opportunity to work with us to promote the energy transition through our engineering and digital activities. This is an exciting goal and I am sure they will take it on with all the passion, ingenuity and tenacity required. Moreover, in Assystem, you are the entrepreneur of your career, 75% of our managers are employees that have progressed internally. Joining a multidisciplinary and international group such as ours, it is assuring to be able to build a dynamic and meaningful career while evolving in an inclusive and good-natured working atmosphere" declares Emmanuelle Capiez, Director of Human Resources at Assystem.

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