Assystem steps up its commitment by launching #IncredibleWomen

8 March 2018

As part of a move to broaden the scope and international reach of the “Women in Energy” network, Assystem has launched the "#IncredibleWomen" programme aimed at promoting scientific and technical subjects among women and giving them career opportunities within the Group. Historically founded in France, the programme will be rolled out in Switzerland, Belgium, United Kingdom and the Middle East. In addition, Assystem has signed up to the United Nations' "Women Empowerment Principles" (WEPs) to promote gender equality in the workplace.

The Women in Energy network, created by Assystem in 2010, has been transformed and strengthened into the "#IncredibleWomen" programme. Centred around the theme of ambition, the #IncredibleWomen programme is a continuation of the “Women in Energy” network, with the added layer of international capabilities. The programme born in France will be launched in the UK, Belgium, Switzerland and the Middle East in 2018.

Encompassing all of the Group's core focusses – from nuclear energy to life sciences and including transport infrastructure and building sectors – the primary objectives of the #IncredibleWomen programme is to ensure that the industry is collectively working towards enhanced equal opportunities; better supporting Assystem female talents to grow within the company, while driving new, younger female talents to join the engineering sector and the company.

We have decided to focus this programme on the theme of ambition: the ambition of women to pursue scientific careers and attain top management positions as well as the Group’s ambition to remove the barriers that still exist in the engineering industry, which remains a predominantly male environment. Our main aim is to address the gender imbalance, change behaviours, and promote female leadership in order to have more women at all levels of the corporation.
Anne-Charlotte Dagorn Communications Director at Assystem and Head of the Gender Diversity programme #IncredibleWomen".

8 March 2018

Focus areas

#IncredibleWomen is based on three main pillars: “Networking”, “Hiring” and “Evolving”.

Networking Pillar

The Group will continue to bring together its female employees on the back of the theme of ambition, through various measures such as conferences and debates, monthly coaching workshops, and sponsorship of employees' sport and humanitarian projects related to gender diversity.

Hiring Pillar

The Group plans to use the “Hiring” pillar as a platform for raising awareness about opportunities for women in the engineering industry and promote the profile of the female engineer. In January 2018, Assystem joined forces with the French association “Girls on the move” ("Elles bougent"), which has around 80 partner companies and 3,500 female mentors, the objective is to attract more women to scientific and technological studies and careers.

Evolving Pillar

The “Evolving” pillar will focus on female-specific training, raising managers’ awareness about gender inequality, and mentoring.

8 March 2018

"Promoting gender diversity among our teams is one of the key objectives of our HR policy at Assystem E&I. In 2010, only 22% of our recruits were women, compared with 30% today, and by 2020 our aim is to make this 40%. The overall proportion of women in our workforce has risen by 15% in the last 10 years and is now 26%. We are working hard to ensure that by 2020 women will represent the same proportion of our management staff", says Emmanuelle Capiez, SVP Human Resources & Managing Director France.

Championing women's empowerment alongside the United Nations

Having been a member of the United Nations Global Compact since 2011, on 7 March 2018 Assystem signed up to the UN's Women's Empowerment Principles" (WEPs) which are a set of seven principles for businesses, offering guidance on how to empower women in the workplace. Yesterday (7 March), Assystem received its membership certificate in a ceremony attended by the French Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates. In signing up to these principles, Assystem has committed to raise awareness about its industry among female students, organise workshops with other signatory companies and promote the recruitment and careers of women throughout the world, with a particular focus in the Middle East.

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