18 June 2020

Assystem, the world’s second largest nuclear engineering company, has signed a contract to deliver engineering expertise for the construction of the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station. The company, whose head office is in Blackburn, will create 100 new British jobs across advanced engineering, site engineering, commissioning, quality assurance and control, with development opportunities for new graduates and apprentices. 

The agreement follows the creation last week of 350 jobs for Hinkley Point C by Warrington-based Bilfinger. Assystem and Bilfinger are part of Hinkley Point C’s growing supply chain in the North West where almost 230 other companies are already involved in the project.  More details can be found here.

New recruits will benefit from being mentored by senior Assystem engineers, who have first-hand experience in nuclear power plant new build, specifically the EPR fleet (Hinkley, Taishan, Olikiuoto, Flamanville), and will join other employees at Assystem in the UK already working on Hinkley Point C.

The new nuclear power station in Somerset will help Britain cut its emissions to Net Zero and produce enough reliable low carbon electricity to meet 7% of the country’s needs.

Peter Higton, Managing Director of Assystem UK said, “We are delighted to be providing engineering support to the Hinkley Point C project through this new agreement, bringing insight and expertise gained from some of the world’s highest profile nuclear new build programmes. 

“The development of new nuclear power at Hinkley Point C is an exciting project that represents the next chapter of nuclear power in the UK. The development of Hinkley Point C will be vital in delivering low carbon electricity for generations to come, as well as creating jobs here in the North-West and across the whole of the UK and its success is pivotal for further programmes to develop, such as Sizewell C.” 

Catherine Back, Hinkley Point C Engineering Director, said, “Access to the best expertise, innovation and experience through our agreement with Assystem will be invaluable in helping us deliver Hinkley Point C.

“The jobs and training opportunities being delivered by this new agreement show we are delivering in our promise to build Britain’s industrial capability and to create new jobs and skills for the future.  Development of a near identical power station at Sizewell C will bring further opportunities for our extensive and experienced British supply chain.”



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