Assystem launches its “Imagine” program for the innovation

12 November 2017

Today, Assystem Energy & Infrastructure (E&I), a leading European engineering firm, announced that it has launched a new innovation programme called “Imagine”.
Spearheaded by Robert Plana, Assystem E&I’s recently-appointed Chief Technology Officer, Imagine is aimed at accelerating the firm’s digital transformation and enabling it to provide more competitive solutions for its clients.

The engineering industry is currently undergoing an unprecedented period of change, with new crossfunctional solutions such as Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) affecting the entire business chain, in areas as varied as project management, installation and maintenance programmes, industrial transfers and architectural design.

The Imagine programme will act as a catalyst for all types of innovations, both technological and process-based and those developed in-house and externally, in partnership with diverse players including universities, schools, incubators, research clusters, start-ups, clients, and suppliers. It will also enable Assystem E&I to identify joint-development projects so that it can be ahead of the curve when it comes to meeting its clients’ future needs for skills and solutions.

The programme has two main objectives: first, to reinforce the Group’s long-standing skills in project management and security and safety, and second, to develop new digital transformation solutions that are adapted to the latest challenges facing players in the energy, transportation and healthcare sectors.

A vector for energy and digital transition

The Imagine programme is ultimately intended to lead to the creation of a collaborative, open-source platform accessible by all contributors, including Assystem E&I’s clients, where everyone can share ideas so that the sector’s energy and digital transition can take full shape. Robert Plana, Assystem E&I’s CTO, explained: “Innovation creates value. As a major player in engineering, it is our role to lead the way, and stimulate critical mind, courage and creativity in order to help our industry move forward and accelerate business growth”.

An annual corporate challenge will be organised to embed a real innovation culture for Assystem E&I’s teams while stimulating entrepreneurship among interns and new recruits and supporting open innovation projects set up with partners (from academia, start-ups, SMEs and large corporations).
An agile and outward-looking structure called the “Imagine Lab” will also be created to act as an incubator for new ideas and skills with a view to anticipating future client needs.

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