29 September 2022

Assystem has unveiled a bold new brand image called Switch On that sets out the company’s commitment to accelerating the energy transition worldwide. This brand evolution also includes the creation a new global community known as ‘The Switchers’ a 6,000 strong collective with the mission to ensure a viable, efficient, and reliable energy future for all. 

Switch On is about the need to respond to the challenge of a lifetime- the switch to low-carbon energy - delivered through an increase in nuclear power, renewables, H2, electrical grid modernisation and the decarbonisation of transport and infrastructure. To mitigate climate change, this energy infrastructure must be delivered quicker than ever before. 

Assystem has been an active player in this fight for more than 55 years, but through Switch On the company is taking it a step further and raising the stakes to help its clients act now and speed up the energy transition through its engineering, project management and digital services. 

To meet demand and enhance its capacity to deliver for clients, Assystem will recruit more than 2,500 new Switchers within one year alone.

Assystem offers rewarding careers for its employees. Switchers will benefit from access to major projects servicing the energy transition, rich training programmes, and varied opportunities for development within Assystem.

Assystem has also unveiled a new CSR policy, ‘Switch to ImpAct’ that is anchored to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and connects to the company’s role in helping to create a sustainable society capable of undertaking an effective energy transition. Assystem will take action in several areas within this policy such as:

  • Switch & Act for Climate to push forward the energy transition and raise awareness about this issue with its employees and external stakeholders
  • Switch & Act for Knowledge to develop the technical and scientific skills needed to meet the challenges inherent in the energy transition
  • Switch & Act for People to conduct business ethically and promote an inclusive work environment in which all individuals feel valued, considered, and respected

Stephane Aubarbier, Assystem’s Chief Operating Officer, "Switch On is our new brand identity to address our clients, our people and those, who are yet to join us but, are as motivated as we are in accelerating the energy transition.

Climate Change is happening, and we need to move quickly on the production of low carbon energy.  At Assystem what unites us is our determination to meet the big challenges ahead; to develop new solutions to build faster, to improve the performance of complex infrastructures, and to accelerate the development of nuclear and renewable energies, electricity networks, hydrogen projects and low-carbon transport.

We are a collective committed to the actors who want to make the energy switch. If this is you, then get in touch today and begin the journey of a lifetime with Assystem.”

Find out more about our projects.

What are you waiting for? Come and join The Switchers community today!

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