15 July 2020

Assystem, the world’s second largest nuclear engineering company, has joined a major British industrial consortium to call on the UK Government to back Sizewell C, the proposed new nuclear power station on the Suffolk coast.

Assystem is one of 32 companies and organisations in the UK, including some of the nation’s biggest clean energy firms, urging the Government to give the major infrastructure project the green light.

The Consortium believes Sizewell C is a pre-packed stimulus project that will provide a major economic boost for the UK, worth around £14bn, and set the country on the road to a green recovery. 

David Price, Business Unit Director, Assystem said: “Assystem is delighted to join the Sizewell C Consortium, a proposal that can guarantee jobs right here in the UK and particularly the regions where we operate in the North West, North East, East Midlands and South West, as well as supporting a low carbon energy mix to help us meet Net Zero by 2050.”

The Consortium intends to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with regions across the UK to guarantee British jobs and investment in the building of Sizewell C.  Up to 70% of contracts for Sizewell C will go to British-based businesses, securing the future of the nuclear supply chain and creating tens of thousands of jobs across the UK. 

Sizewell C will provide 3.2GW of ‘always-on’ clean energy; enough to power six million homes. By replicating Hinkley Point C, currently under construction in Somerset, Sizewell C is expected to benefit from significant cost savings. Early works, involving contracts worth up to £300m, could begin this year. 

Approval of the project would be a major boost for the UK nuclear sector, which directly provides more than 60,000 highly skilled jobs, with another 160,000 jobs sustained across the wider supply chain.


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