7 April 2022

The UK’s new Energy Security Strategy represents a clear boost to nuclear and renewable technologies. As an energy transition company with 6,000 experts, Assystem is ready to support the development of this new era in the UK as the country decarbonises and digitalises its energy system.

With a commitment to meeting 25% of the UK’s electricity demand with nuclear power by 2050, as well as plans to scale-up renewables and hydrogen, the UK’s energy transition vision will demand innovation in the way that low carbon power is deployed, with digital engineering approaches – a key area of expertise at Assystem – being key to the efficiency, safety, and the resilience of these new infrastructures.

Importantly, the decision to establish nuclear power as the cornerstone of the UK energy mix will enable the country to improve its energy security. Assystem, the second largest nuclear company in the world, is a leader in the development of new nuclear in the UK, as a Tier One engineering partner to EDF and in the development of Small Modular Reactors (SMRs).  It is part of the Commissioning Alliance for Hinkley Point C, a member of the Sizewell C Consortium, and well-placed to bring its expertise to other potential projects such as Wylfa Newydd.  

Investment in nuclear will also create a powerhouse of engineering know-how in the UK. Assystem is engaged in this mission through its recruitment and training activities that have already created hundreds of jobs in the regions and a new Technical Graduate Scheme focused on attracting more women to the sector. 

Hydrogen is set to play an even larger role in the UK’s future energy mix with plans underway for the UK to install 10GW of capacity by 2030 with up to half of this provided by ‘green’ hydrogen from renewable sources.  To enable this development, the players in the sector will be able to count on Assystem’s expertise to support them throughout the hydrogen value chain, in the development of production or distribution infrastructures, management of regulatory, safety and security constraints, and anticipation of the uses of hydrogen in transportation or industry. 

Renewables, such as wind and solar are also integral parts of the new strategy, and the Government’s announcement presents the exciting prospect of a new energy systems approach within the UK energy sector, with clear interplay between nuclear and renewable energy. In response to this Assystem will expand its UK capacity to support the deployment of these technologies, with enhanced capabilities in environmental studies, site characterisation and permitting, grid assessments powered by digital modelling, and project control services. 

Find out more about Assystem here: https://www.assystem.com/en/ 

You can read the UK Energy Security Strategy press release here: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/major-acceleration-of-homegrown-power-in-britains-plan-for-greater-energy-independence 

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