4 June 2021

Assystem is onboarding more women to their graduate programmes to create a new, gender balanced pipeline of engineers to build the low carbon energies of the future. 

To overcome the barriers to entry for women accessing the nuclear sector, Assystem has developed a new graduate programme called the Technical Graduate Scheme, that is aimed at providing on the job technical training to STEM graduates, allowing them to build their nuclear-sector work experience in their first years of work. 

Graduates on this programme will be specialised on the EPR nuclear technology at the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant, supporting the commissioning of the UK’s first nuclear power station for over 20 years, which will be an anchor project for UK Net Zero. 

Assystem also has a Leadership Graduate Scheme for very ambitious STEM graduates who want to make a start on forging their path into management with a global engineering company. 

Assystem recognises that the energy transition presents a vital stake for humanity and that women need to be a part of it. Thus, it is a key moment to attract women to engineering and ensure that in building a low carbon future, the sector is simultaneously creating a more diverse workforce. 

New jobs and opportunities in developing low-carbon power is a key moment for young engineers to establish their work experience and develop skills that will support their career progression and pave the way for their future as leaders in the energy sector.

Simon Barber, Managing Director at Assystem said: “The learning and development that is underway in the energy sector today is long-held and will provide an unrivalled knowledge experience for these teams.  We are focused on ensuring that women have an equal share in this opportunity, that will set them up as engineers in the sector for years to come.”

Assystem is committed to accelerating the energy transition worldwide which will be vital in fighting climate change. Our experts support the development of low-carbon energy, through the adoption of nuclear and renewable technologies, the renovation of electricity networks, and the production of green-hydrogen for carbon-free transport and industry. 

To apply directly for Assystem’s graduate programmes send your CV and cover letter to graduates@assystem.com

The application window for the Leadership Graduate Programme closes on June 30th.  Applications for the Technical Graduate Scheme are open all year round. 

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