Assystem Envy Switches to Assystem

27 September 2022

Assystem Envy is now known as Assystem.  

Assystem has been active in Türkiye since 2016, when the company acquired Envy, specialists in siting and environmental services. Since then, the Ankara based team has supported new nuclear projects in Türkiye and new renewable energy and megacity projects across the Middle East and Central Asia.  

The demand for more low-carbon energy, to mitigate climate change, is creating a need for siting and environmental services to support site selection and early site investigation works on potential sites for new power plants and facilities. As more sites are licenced, environmental services are required to monitor their ongoing environment to adhere to regulations. As part of the Assystem Group, Assystem’s team in Türkiye will expand their services and geographical reach to more clients in the UK, the Middle East and Asia to support new nuclear power, fusion energy plants, solar and wind facilities as well as H2 and major transport & infrastructure projects.   

Assystem offers siting, permitting and environmental services covering site assessment and impact studies and environmental monitoring and compliance in the construction and operation phases of a facility.

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