Assystem begins search for UK’s incredible engineers

29 May 2019

Assystem, the world’s third largest nuclear engineering company, with UK headquarters in Blackburn, has launched its #INCREDIBLENGINEERS campaign to fill up to 400 jobs in the UK nuclear sector.

The company, that employs over 5,000 people in 14 countries, has one of the most ambitious HR policies in the engineering world and is looking to attract new talent to the business to support their growth in the UK. 

With a growing demand for decarbonised electricity in the UK and as nuclear power plays a key role in the UK energy mix, Assystem is strengthening its UK team to meet the industry’s skills need to support nuclear new build projects now and in the future.

The recruitment drive is aimed at filling roles in the emerging EDF nuclear power plant, Hinkley Point C, where staff are needed immediately.  Assystem has roles suitable for those across the spectrum of experience, from graduate level to highly experienced.  The main areas of focus are; quality assurance, quality lead, manufacturing surveillance, project administration, doc control, and audit programme co-ordination among others.  From Autumn 2019 onwards Assystem will also be looking for commissioning engineers. 

Whilst technical ability is key, Assystem is particularly interested in finding candidates who possess a broad range of skills, especially interpersonal skills, that will drive good relationships both inside and outside of the company. The leadership attributes of motivation, enthusiasm and empathy are also desirable to the company. 

Assystem knows that skills development is crucial for its future success and investing in people is at the heart of the business’s philosophy.  Assystem nurtures careers through a range of initiatives such as their talent management programme, supporting staff on their career journey, either with training, or development through work study placements, internships, partnering and sponsoring. 

In the UK, Assystem provides consultancy, engineering support and management services to the nuclear energy market, both civil and defence.

The business, that has more than 500 employees across five locations in the UK, is known for the design, procurement and construction of a wide range of nuclear facilities. Globally Assystem is working on the engineering, design and project management of nuclear programmes across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. 

Assystem is also in charge of construction on the ITER project, the world’s largest nuclear fusion prototype, that scientists believe could be a sustainable and limitless future global energy source. 

Assystem’s growth ambitions in the UK are key to the recruitment drive and their global presence means that they can offer candidates a rewarding and exciting career either in the UK or on its international nuclear projects.

Tom Jones, Vice President International Business Development, Assystem, says: “This is an exciting time for the nuclear industry in the UK.  An increasing need for electricity from consumers, combined with a move further towards decarbonisation, means that nuclear power forms an integral part of the UK’s energy strategy and will be increasingly important in the coming years.

The UK desperately needs the correct skillset to deliver these ambitious plans over the next 30 - 40 years and that’s why we’re looking for incredible engineers who can work with us, help shape the power supply and meet the needs of the country in the future.”

Assystem’s #INCREDIBLENGINEERS campaign is rooted in the belief that engineers are the architects of tomorrow, leading the way with their daring, their expertise and their ability to push boundaries.  You can find out more about this campaign in Assystem’s blog and from staff who work for the company.  

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