15 November 2022

Assystem’s nuclear decommissioning specialists will provide foundational support to Norway’s first decommissioning project.

International engineering and digital services company Assystem has been appointed to support Norway’s new agency Norsk Nukleær Dekommisjonering (Norwegian Nuclear Decommissioning) (NND) in partnership with Norway’s largest interdisciplinary consultancy firm Norconsult.

The consortium has been granted the Risk and Safety Management Services contract which entails the development and refinement of processes and procedures, identifying competence requirements and issuing training, undertaking risk assessments, and issuing independent verification.

Assystem’s decommissioning capabilities are well-established, through active involvement in major projects in France for EDF, Orano and the CEA. In the UK, the Group provides design and construction support for the decommissioning of the Sellafield Nuclear Site via the AXIOM Joint-Venture. Norway will become the latest country to tap into Assystem’s trusted nuclear decommissioning expertise.

The NND was first established in response to the closure of two research reactors in 2018 and 2019, and it is looking to Assystem to support its organisational development by supplying advice on setting standards and understanding and applying best practice in this phase of the nuclear lifecycle. The company is offering its expertise across a range of specialisms including nuclear safety; engineering design; and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. 

Assystem is the second largest nuclear engineering company in the world and is involved in multiple international projects at various stages in the nuclear lifecycle as part of the global low-carbon energy transition. As an independent, technology-neutral supplier with over 6000 experts, the company supports complex energy projects across a range of low-carbon technologies with the ambition to accelerate the global energy transition.

Olivier Vincent, Assystem’s Director of Development for Decommissioning, said: “Assystem’s global footprint continues to grow. We are delighted to be bringing our well-established expertise in safe nuclear decommissioning, honed through projects in France and the UK, to Norway. It is a pleasure to be working alongside our esteemed project partners Norconsult to deliver this body of work.

More information on our dismantling activities here.

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