21 June 2020

This acquisition plays a key part in Assystem’s digital engineering strategy, enhancing its ability to help its customers in their digital transformations. Bringing WhiteQuest’s recognised expertise in advanced virtual simulation to the fore will allow Assystem to accelerate the completion of its customers' projects, bringing significant gains in performance and security.

Combining digital twin concepts with virtual reality techniques makes it easier to solve the problems faced by multiple companies on the same building site. This is particularly useful for nuclear unit shutdowns, during decommissioning preparation stages or industrial transfers.

Combining these digital techniques allows a project’s operational stages to be simulated realistically, helping to anticipate and providing a better understanding of any potential difficulties that the operators might encounter. Being able to accurately anticipate these challenges provides multiple opportunities to improve the safety and security of the project.

By acquiring WhiteQuest's business, Assystem has formed an operational team specilaising in the use of simulation tools for industries with high operating risks, benefitting from the company's software development experience. These new capabilitiesare entirely consistent with Assystem's main business sectors: nuclear, energy, life sciences, transportation and defence.

This acquisition adds a valuable skill to our “Engineering Powered by Digital” programme, which already brings nearly 100 research and design engineers together within Assystem," explains Robert Plana, Assystem's Technical Director. “Simulation, coupled with digital mock-ups (BIM) or Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), is now becoming essential to project management as much as on design, installation, maintenance and industrial transfer programmes for complex infrastructures.

About WhiteQuest SAS
WhiteQuest SAS is a French company specialising in the development of virtual simulation tools for industry. Its business expertise is bolstered by its strong experience in industrial risk control (bacteriological contamination, radiation, explosiveness, containment, etc.).

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