Field operation management


Assystem offers full project coordination, from siting and feasibility through to delivery and operation on behalf of the architect engineer, technology suppliers and general contractors. 

We provide a comprehensive Project Management Consultancy (PMC) offering

  • Project management
  • Configuration management
  • Design supervision
  • Supply chain supervision
  • Construction supervision
  • Testing and commissioning supervision

To tackle the increasing challenges of companies in project management, Assystem’s digital experts leverage technologies to spearhead projects and bridge the gap between physical progress and value creation management.

Learn more about our digital offers as a driver of project management: PPM integration, bespoke offerings and solutions, data automation and recovery, PLM integration, modelling & simulation, BIM 4D, 5D, etc.

Contract and supply chain management

Given the increasing local integration requirements and the constant pursuit of greater competitiveness, contracting parties must rise to new challenges: managing the upskilling of players, integrating new benchmarks for existing subcontractors and managing the impact of changes in cultural and contractual settings in different regions throughout the world.

Defining an outsourcing strategy coherent with supply chain capabilities

Based on our international experience and our functional supply chain approach, we support contracting parties right from the assignment phase, to define the outsourcing strategy, oversee players in upskilling and ensuring technical coordination of the project

Our teams also ensure technical and legal management of contracts and recommend the use of contracts proposed by the FICIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineers) for their reliability and legal validity internationally.

Our main solutions:

  • Assessment of suppliers and providers
  • Skills development and upgrade of equipment, processes, HR
  • Digitalization of management modes
  • Technical and legal management of FIDIC contracts
  • Inspection and verification of suppliers and providers

Monitoring construction

We monitor numerous complex infrastructure projects throughout the world. The Assystem teams take part in construction programmes in the energy, industrial and transport sectors.

Proven adaptable expertise serving major industrial programmes

Supervising the construction of highly sensitive industrial infrastructure requires the application of precise expertise and tools, which is why we are involved from the design phase, and organise the coordination and management of projects, putting quality and expected performance first in our strategies:

  • Precise definition of targets and requirements of the project (operating availability, safety/security, etc.)
  • Risk anticipation, avoiding delays and cost overruns on complex and/or wide-scale projects
  • Agility and optimised coordination with the customer thanks to our ability to anticipate and assign expert resources appropriately
  • Management of all construction cycle and assembly stages
  • Quality control, equipment tests and qualification
  • Management of subcontractors operating on site
  • Systems engineering approach to optimise productivity and shared expertise on and off site, thanks to use of collaborative digital tools, (modelling, BIM, digital twin, etc.)

Testing and commissioning

The testing and commissioning phase is the last stage before delivery and guarantees the operation, performance and safety of installations. This phase is key to ensuring the compliance of the installation compared with expectations, thereby guaranteeing adherence to safety requirements.

A functional approach to installations to deliver fast and effective commissioning

Our approach is based on anticipation, the gradual start-up and the integration by the operator from the end of construction to make adoption as simple and as quick as possible.

This methodology is based on a geographical and functional mapping of the installation, validation by suppliers (notably order monitoring), rigorous transmission between set-up and testing a gradual start-up of elementary functions as part of the main functions to expeditiously identify any dysfunction and take swift, corrective action.

  • Timing, planning and performance of tests
  • Test systems and test benches on supplier premises
  • Integration methods for infrastructure operator
  • Test simulation (software platforms)
  • Assessment of test phase results and commissioning results

Monitoring shutdowns

During the lifecycle of installations, certain shutdown phases are necessary to conduct maintenance operations or integrate new equipment.

Mastering the management of shutdowns is crucial to ensure service continuity for manufacturers. Fine-tuned planning and tight control of service resumption are the cornerstones of managing shutdowns.

We offer a range of methodologies and tools to enable supervision and safety of shutdowns: among which, we have developed a bespoke digital solution aimed at optimising and improving complex schedules: Optimizio. This tool enables efficient management of resources and requirements and is an effective support tool for decision-making.

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