Integrating business information systems

Our experience in the digitalisation of industrial processes and the management of complex projects, positions us as a first-class partner to support all of our clients’ business lines in the deployment of new digital solutions.

Context and challenges

Aligning the company's strategies and business line IS strategies

Given the profound technological changes faced by industrial companies (complex projects, long life cycles, high specificity, regulatory constraints, etc.), it is now essential to align the IS strategy with the business lines and the company strategy.

We support our customers in implementing and integrating their engineering information systems in line with their company strategy. Our approach can be adapted to their strategic challenges while considering their digital heritage. We offer custom support combined with suitable training which allows employees to swiftly adopt the methods and tools deployed.

Ahead of the project, a strategic thought process must be applied to any elements related to the information system. Business managers must be able to ensure the governance of their business data, guarantee the solution’s adequacy against user requirements, and deploy, maintain, and upgrade these solutions in line with the level of performance sought.

Specialised in industrial information systems, Assystem supports its customers in the design and implementation of integrated systems to meet their needs and heed the requirements, constraints, and regulatory standards to align the business lines’ IS strategies with the company's strategies.

Our approach

Building on our engineering expertise to respond to the challenges of IS integration

Our integration approach can be tailored to a variety of concepts, maturity levels and customer needs.

We cover the following activities in terms of integration: 

  • Piloting & Framing
  • Architecture
  • Development & Customisation
  • Data Migration
  • Deployment
  • Support & Operation
  • Change Management


The implementation of an integration project requires numerous constraints and technical specificities to be considered.

Assystem combines its business skills and digital expertise to offer an integration approach aligned with the customer's strategic needs, constraints, and technical specificities to propose robust, high-performance systems.

Our technological independence from the market’s publishers means we can help our customers choose the most suitable solution(s) with complete impartiality.

Assystem’s experts adapt to each customer's context to define the method best suited to their project: SAFe, SCRUM, Agile, V-model, etc.

Our expertise

Engineering platform expertise

  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)


Assystem’s PLM integration offer can be efficiently tailored to the various concepts, maturity levels and needs of its customers’ projects.

Assystem’s experts draw on their expertise in developing and deploying PLM methods and tools, as well as their business knowledge in various engineering fields (nuclear, complex infrastructure, etc.) to respond to each customer's ambitions.

Our technological independence from the market’s publishers helps us to guide customers to choose the most suitable PLM solution in an entirely impartial manner.

Download the PLM offer fact sheet 

  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)


Assystem’s approach applies a digitalised, collaborative repository which allows stakeholders to benefit from a shared decision-support environment in the shape of the BIM. This environment is intended to aid communication, exchange, and the management of data throughout the facility's life cycle.

Assystem's BIM teams intervene to advise, define, and implement new services and use cases that provide added value for our customers’ complex projects.

Download the BIM offer fact sheet

centre d'excellence digital

Our development capabilities within our Digital Excellence Centers

By leveraging feedback on our internal developments, we help our customers meet their specific development needs:

  • Web & Mobile development
  • Management of business IS projects 
  • Virtual and augmented reality

offres et solutions sur mesure

Tailor-made digital offers and solutions

Developed by our experts in response to our customers’ specific issues, Assystem’s offers and solutions are designed to meet each customer's IT needs.

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Déploiement des systèmes d'Hypervision

Integration of project management software

Assystem relies on the expertise of its subsidiary ECP, recognised as a European leader for the implementation and integration of Project Portfolio Management (PPM) tools.

Thanks to our teams’ project management proficiency and our expertise in PPM solutions, we offer a range of services and innovative, adaptable, and integrated solutions.

Assystem draws on strategic partnerships with the leading publishers and its own expertise to offer integrated project portfolio management solutions.

We operate at all levels of the project value chain, with our offer based on 4 areas of operation:

  • Contractual Strategy
  • Complaints Management
  • Contract Management
  • Audit & Traning


Our PPM solution integration approach is consistent with the latest project management methods and tools deployed.

intégration gestion de projet

Deployment of order control systems and Hypervision (MES)

We support our customers across the entire life cycle of their operational and security-centric order control projects on new or existing facilities.

We intervene from the system specifications phase through to operational maintenance in the design, integration, validation, deployment and maintenance phases.

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Benefits for the customer

  • Control the information system's sustainability and operational maintenance
  • Protect the data of its personnel
  • Protect facilities to safeguard company's performance and longevity
  • Control acquisition and operating costs
By pooling our expertise in engineering processes and digital solutions, Assystem offers all the expertise needed to successfully deploy data-centric transformation projects.

Our offer covers the life cycle management of asset data from its design through to its utilisation. We ensure the integration of digital engineering solutions and deploy new digitalised processes within these solutions for each business line.
Habib Benhassine Head of Digital Consulting

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