Assystem sees Quality, Health, Security and Environmental challenges as sources of performance. Through its policy and various actions and certifications, the Group is committed to addressing and meeting these challenges.

Our Quality commitment

Assystem is committed to completing its clients’ projects, whatever the circumstances, to the expected standards of quality and thus guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

For this, we base our process on the following guidelines:

  • Steering our projects in accordance with recognised international standards and delivering our services with a high level of quality
  • Fostering and developing a culture of quality based on sharing and using feedback in order to continuously improve our performance
  • Protecting our assets and those of our clients, by developing a culture and practices aiming at controlling the security of information and associated systems

Our Security commitment

In terms of Security, Assystem is committed to conducting its business while ensuring safe working conditions for its staff, clients, suppliers and any stakeholders encountered by Assystem as part of its business. The Group is committed to allocating the means and resources required to implement any security measures required for its operations, above and beyond strict adherence to regulatory requirements, and requirements stemming from clients, subcontractors, or any stakeholders. Assystem established its process on the following points:

  • Preventing and reducing major security risks identified during projects
  • Focusing on operational management that is informed of the risks associated with the fields involved and with concrete experience in it
  • Increasing company staff awareness and training on the security risks involved in their fields
  • Fostering and developing a security culture based on feedback, reviewing real-life operational scenarios and continuous improvement of health and security

Our Environment commitment

In terms of environmental challenges, Assystem primarily bases its actions on the services and solutions offered to its clients, in particular:

  • Developing engineering solutions with a view to energy efficiency and control of environmental impact, making a positive contribution to improving the environmental performance of its clients.
  • Implementing, when it is required, measures and systems to manage environmental issues in compliance with the principles of ISO 14001

Moreover, Assystem fosters an eco-citizen and responsible approach, with a focus on staff awareness of the Group’s commitment.

Our certifications

Each entity is certified or compliant in respect of

ISO 9001

Quality Management System

ISO 45001

Health and Security Management System

ISO 14001

Environmental Management System

  • The Group holds various sector-based certifications and client accreditations
  • By 2020, the Group plans to be also be compliant with ISO 19443* requirements for its activities in the Nuclear sector
    * Quality management systems for organisations in the supply chain of the nuclear energy sector

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