Ethics and governance

Assystem is committed to conducting its activities ethically and honestly, in compliance with the laws which apply in all the countries where it operates.

The group is guided by a set of values and standards of conduct and behaviour in relation to customers, shareholders, employees, local communities and host countries.

Assystem is committed to respect the environment and the needs of future generations based on the following guidelines:

  • Tolerating no form of discrimination, notably in hiring and career development of its employees, emphasizing the gender diversity (#incrediblewoman) and supporting its disabled employees (Disability project)
  • Building a relationship of trust with its suppliers
  • Committing to the fundamental principle of healthy and fair competition
  • Respecting its host country’s natural environments and cultures

Code of conduct anti corruption and influence peddling

This is illustrated by our unfailing commitment to prevent and detect any risk of corruption and influence peddling which our Group could face during its business dealings.

The Assystem Group has a zero tolerance policy towards corruption and influence peddling and implements:

  • A Code of Conduct
  • A Gifts and Invitations Policy
  • A Sponsorship and Patronage Policy
  • An Internal Alert Policy
  • An Assessment of intermediaries Policy
  • A Third parties Policy (partners, acquisition)