Assystem in France

Assystem was born in France more than 50 years ago to support EDF in the commissioning of the French nuclear fleet. The Group is still headquartered in France and we now generate around 60% of our revenue there


Our business has diversified since our beginnings and we now operate not only in the nuclear sector in France but also in the energy, building and infrastructure, industry, transport, healthcare and life sciences sectors.

Assystem partners major French industrial groups such as EDF, the CEA, Framatome, Orano, SNCF and RATP by providing engineering, project management and safety and security services, as well as a specific "digital and performance" offering that uses the most advanced digital technologies to help our clients enhance the performance of their projects and infrastructure.

La Défense

Our projects

construction supervision ITER project
Project management Nuclear

Studies and construction supervision for ITER project

anti-intrusion protection railway sites
Security/Safety Transportations

Anti-intrusion protection for railway sites

PMO pour centrale nucléaire
Project management Nuclear

PMO for an EPR nuclear power plant

supervision construction usine aéronautique
Project management Buildings/Infras

Studies and construction supervision for an aviation plant



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