7 August 2023

Assystem supports school STEM skills development through the Industrial Cadets scheme

As part of its commitment to driving equality in STEM disciplines and equipping the next generation of skilled individuals to deliver the low-carbon energy projects of the future, international engineering, digital, and project management company Assystem, is celebrating the success of Blackburn Central High School pupils who have taken part in the Industrial Cadets scheme.

A particularly noteworthy achievement for one team of pupils – three girls and three boys - is the winning of the "Project of the Year" award in the Industrial Cadets Bronze category, a programme overseen by the Engineering Development Trust (EDT).

Engaging Young Minds

This achievement caps an academic year of engagement with young people, including an EDT Challenger Experience Day at Blackburn Central High School, where over 30 girls and boys aged 11-14 took place in exciting, hands-on STEM workshops, and the Climate Fresk experience which saw 12 pupils from Darwen Vale High School participate in a workshop on the challenge of climate change.

Addressing the UK's STEM Skills Gap

As part of Assystem's Switch to Impact initiative, the collaboration with local schools aims to tackle the scarcity of STEM skills in the United Kingdom. By nurturing young talent and fostering their interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, Assystem is actively investing in the future of engineering and the nation's ability to meet the challenges of the modern world.

The Industrial Cadets scheme serves as a gateway to kindle the interest of young minds in STEM fields and to equip them with practical skills that prepare them for real-world challenges, with pupils embarking on a journey of exploration, research, and creative problem-solving. The programme also enables pupils to exercise personal reflection, hone their presentation skills, develop time management aptitudes, teamwork capabilities, and strategic planning abilities.

Paving the Way for a Low-Carbon Energy Future

By investing in the professional skills and STEM proficiency of young individuals, Assystem is playing a significant role in building the foundation for the next generation of engineering talent in the UK. This generation will be pivotal in supporting critical projects like the development of new nuclear power plants, ultimately contributing to the UK's transition to low-carbon energy.

Scott Riley, Early Careers Manager at Assystem, said: "Assystem recognises the opportunity to enable greater equality in STEM fields by equipping young people – girls and boys – with the skills needed to succeed in their future careers. As supporters of the Nuclear Sector’s goal to achieve a workforce made up of 40% women by 2030, we are proud to champion this cause.”

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