Matt Gallimore is announced as chair of NIA fusion group

18 November 2020

Assystem leader will bring insight from the company’s twenty years supporting fusion projects.

Assystem, a leading fusion engineering company with seven UK bases, including head offices in Blackburn, has announced that its Chief Sales Officer, Matt Gallimore, will be the new chair of Nuclear Industry Association’s (NIA) fusion working group.

Matt’s role will be to provide strategic oversight to the NIA group that will link members with opportunities in the UK fusion sector, as well as coordinating with government departments such as the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), to profile industry expertise and generate connections for the fusion industry.

Matt said: “The UK’s ambition to develop commercial fusion power by 2040 has placed significant focus on the reality of fusion energy.  The UKAEA’s experiments present opportunities for the nuclear supply chain and the fusion Group will be the link between this emerging industry and NIA member businesses who have the skills and capability to bring to these research programmes.”

Tom Greatrex, CEO of NIA, said: “I am pleased that Matt Gallimore is taking on the role of chair of our Fusion Working Group. Fusion research exemplifies the best of UK nuclear science and innovation, and the NIA looks forward to working with Matt to highlight the promise of fusion technology.”

Assystem has been involved in the development of fusion technology for decades. Today Assystem is a leading member of ITER’s Engage and Momentum consortia and leads on the delivery of the Divertor Remote Handling System (DRHS) for ITER.  Assystem also supports the Institute of Plasma Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences (ASIPP) on the development of the China Fusion Energy Test Reactor (CFETR) and the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) with their experiments.

18 November 2020


Matt Gallimore is the Chief Sales Officer at Assystem and has been with the company since 2016. An industry veteran, Matt has over 25 years of experience in engineering, sales and development roles, as well as working in organisational development with international roles at Rolls-Royce, Emerson and Ineos.

At Assystem, Matt is responsible for leading and directing company expansion in the UK fusion, decommissioning and defence sectors, supporting the company’s global initiatives in the developing nuclear and energy infrastructure business. Matt’s duties also include stakeholder management for Assystem in the nuclear industry across the UK and international projects.

As Chair and Executive Board Member of the AXIOM Joint venture (Assystem, Jacobs & Mott MacDonald), Matt supports Sellafield on the Design Services Alliance (DSA), an integrated design community that provides measurable change design services across this complex site.

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